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  1. It was. Was more a test of making something with a lot of beveling and lofting to see how it would turn out.
  2. Everything in F360. Since that part worked out I threw caution to the wind and did the top of the coffee table.
  3. It is, I took elements of things I like and kind of put it together in my head. So far so good🤞
  4. Yeah it allows you to do some some things that normally would be really difficult. Great thing is once it’s it’s all designed, it’s easily repeatable.
  5. Working on my first ever coffee table. Have the base built, but not finished. Next up is making the top which is going to require me to learn Fusion 360. Top is going to be 2” thick in the middle with a radius on the bottom following the radius on the top of the base.
  6. Plays a straight man very well.
  7. naamanf

    RMAF 2021

    So what is the big show we can go to meow?
  8. I would also assume that floor has an aluminum oxide finish for what that’s worth.
  9. I installed very similar floors in my Texas house. I kept a decent amount of extra boards in case there was ever an accident. Can’t really refinish that type of flooring, and will probably never get a perfect match. Even finding the same flooring probably won’t get an exact match due to wear and batch variances. Hopefully I’m wrong. if you have an extra board a good paint store can try and stain match if you are going to try to repair it Only wood I’ll do now is something that can be sanded and refinished.
  10. naamanf

    RMAF 2021

    Since they haven't built a strip club next to the Gaylord yet, it's a no for me. Right or wrong I've apparently put my life on hold the last 16 months. I can hang on a little longer. Maybe I can start planning Red Neck Jam.
  11. It turned out really good. And will make tacos for a week.
  12. Old Georgetown New Georgetown
  13. Signed up for Trade Coffee a while back because I’m lazy and like trying new things. So far all the coffee I’ve received has been really good and ultra fresh. Latest batch that I received a couple days ago.
  14. Tossed on the 18lb wagyu brisket. I think it may be the last brisket the old Treager sees. Time to upgrade. Darn.
  15. Ugh. I hope you were as let down as I was.
  16. That’s pretty cool. Part of a kit or make it all from scratch?
  17. It’s spelled however Steve Jobs says it’s spelled. RIP.
  18. Made a drum stick for Def Leopard.
  19. Ping ponged part of a pen blank to test out out the rotary 4th axis.
  20. Pictures or it didn’t happen.
  21. Four of those would make some amazing coffee! Or should I stack 8 of them? 🤔
  22. I don’t think he was selling his ostrich crap for nearly as much.
  23. Ted Denny is my hero.
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