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  1. Have to build a back box if you want to catch more with the mitre saw. They like throwing shit everywhere. Check out https://www.oneida-air.com for some smaller vortex systems.
  2. If you have the space and don’t mind spending more, a vortex system would be the way to go. The Dust Right will probably work fine though, just get the canister option. Can always sell it to Brent when you step up to a CNC.
  3. That’s what I did. They are not that expensive and can be used as a kayak anchor when the Red smasher becomes available.
  4. Built a stick crusher holder with my ping pong table.
  5. I have the Bosch, ordered the Milwaukee and a week later told it was actually back ordered. I had the Bosch in my last router table and have no complaints.
  6. Not until I can get sheet goods with legs.
  7. I almost feeling like I’m cheating at this point. Drawing some obscure shape, loading some wood, hitting run, and poof! Magic.
  8. I’m not sure if my setup can do thread milling, not sure if it’s a controller or spindle limitation. Rough draft finished. Time to get some thicker cheap wood for a full mock up.
  9. Good to know that trick works with aluminum as well. As I understand it there is a bit to get thread cutting to work?
  10. MDF. Not wasting wood until I have it exactly like I want it.
  11. Fixed. It was there in the preview. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Test run on what will be a Stetson and sword holder. Figured 36” would be large enough, I guess not.
  13. I’m sure we could come up with some good stuff. I’m seeing that drawing the part is the smallest part of the battle. Converting it into efficient CAM and choosing the proper tools/speeds/feeds is the challenge. Good thing I’m now at the point where I have to time and resources to do what I want.
  14. I got lucky and someone had them already made up for a different tool holder. If I had to do it, I would just trace, scan the trace and then do a bitmap trace in VCarve or maybe find the same tool in Inkscape.
  15. Wouldn't surprise me if they start selling them soon. They already have Traegers.
  16. Threw together a tool board in VCarve. In hindsight I could have done a better job with the space but it works for now.
  17. Steve knows my hobbies well 😂 Made some hold downs. Seems a compression bit is key when cutting plywood.
  18. Put on and cut a spoilboard with T hold down tracks. I’m seeing that work holding is a large challenge. For some reason I see a vacuum pump in my future. And a ATC, pulling collets off and on is lame.
  19. Easy for my drilling robot, just need exact dimensions.
  20. Drilled four holes. IMG_3596.MOV
  21. Put together an over complicated wood smasher.
  22. Having a large cabinet humidor has been my want list for a long time. I’ve actually been thinking about making one for a while. Local large commercial lumber supplier actually stocks the Spanish cedar so getting material shouldn’t be that hard to make it. I just need to step up my design game.
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