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  1. That Treager does look pretty nice, I like the addition of the induction for searing.
  2. Stretch has a Memphis which I’ve been eying for a while. He probably can give some feedback on it. It’s more of a Head-Case smoker than a Treager, though there is nothing wrong with the current Treagers. Also check out Blaz’N Grills and RecTeq (though they might have sold out to corporate). As for the size, unless you plan on cooking for large gatherings the 780 size will be just fine. I did four briskets at once on Al’s larger Treager for Mayberry but other than that I’ve never needed one that size.
  3. Congrats you two! Time to drop that accent and speak ‘merican.
  4. Always need moar power, though I’m not sure how far I’m going to go since it is my daily driver. First thing I need to sort out is the garbage HK stereo that came with it. Sadly I dropped it off at the dealer this morning because they forgot to seal up the firewall somewhere. Terrible wind noise coming from under the dash. Dropped it off at 0730 and they have yet to look at it 😡. Glad I waited two weeks for an “appointment”.
  5. Planning on options for both, with the compound being offered initially. Rippa currently has a twin turbo option that puts down about 1000whp. but they are mounted really low.
  6. Satera is working on a single 80mm turbo set up that should do 900whp on E85 and 700whp on 93. Might be a good option.
  7. What was your feed rate? You could also have a bad collet. Pull it out and inspect it carefully, they can cause a score mark that weakens the carbide. That being said I’ve had those Amana bits just break when running them properly, shouldn’t have an issue having it replaced under warranty if your speed/feed/chip load was within limits. If doing it with ToolsToday it’s a simple process of an email with a picture of the bit and a screen shot from VCarve of how you were running the bit.
  8. Not a fan of the color, would be nice if they did something else other than cosmetic changes. 702hp is nice but it really needs a couple hundred moar, and that’s what people were hoping for 😢
  9. Grey forever. Unless it’s a Ferrari.
  10. That is such a terribly color IMHO. I’ve seen a silver one here in the Little Rock which is much better.
  11. Time for a mini-split. I installed a Mr. Cool in mine and so far it’s been great.
  12. I would seal it all the same except for the domino holes (if you already made them) and let the TB3 seal those. Make sure you don’t use the beech dominos, they make ones specifically for outdoor/wet use.
  13. If it models right but it’s going somewhere else something isn’t set right. It’s a dumb machine and does what it’s told.
  14. Check where you have the origin set in V-Carve and where you have it set on the machine.
  15. Saying that part of the G-code cut right then it went somewhere is shouldn’t have?
  16. I think I mentioned to use cheap bits for a while. If it was a 1/4” shaft I assume you bent it? Then again your steppers might not have the power.
  17. Once you get good you can walk away and hope nothing blows up.
  18. Try seating them better? Sometimes it takes a bit of force to get them that last little bit to fully seat.
  19. Make sure it’s fully seated. Or pull it out and verify it was cut properly.
  20. I’m guessing the routers are louder because they are a brushed motor. Spindles are really quite.
  21. All you saw was ebony dildos in mine. What the fuck?
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