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  1. It’s grown on me. Pun intended.
  2. X7 can tow pretty well….
  3. No more collet wrenches or resetting zero. Next up, fully automated tool changes. IMG_4403.MOV
  4. It mounts to the spindle and has a dust extractor line hooked up to it. Catches all the chips when you are machining.
  5. Could have built miniature hydraulic lifters to auto level within .0001”
  6. I’m sure Steve would be happy to use it for his penis extensions. They don’t have to be straight. Put an extension on the outfeed of the planer. I had to briskly walk around the machine to catch the board, this should let me take it easy.
  7. Cancel/refuse the shipment. Now that I have a 16” jointer I can whole heartedly recommend nothing less that a 20” jointer.
  8. That’s awesome, I plan on doing a large trident plaque that holds a full size flint lock in the near future. Got this baby up and running.
  9. I’m don’t think the twink supply is all that good here, mostly your average fruit cake and occasional ding dong.
  10. That looks awesome, great job, Jeff! And another amazing job by the M&O team! One of these days I’ll work through my backorder of wings and make something cool .
  11. That’s a long horse and buggy from SFO.
  12. I need a new vent hood installed and routed under the house. What is the current lead time for team M&O?
  13. Coming along really nice, Jeff. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Use the Osmo on those, Steve?
  14. If there is anything you need let me know, though I’m guessing shipping might make it cheaper to find a local source. Plus there is always the chance it could warp a little in the change in environments. Willing to help if I can though.
  15. Someone has to do it. Who better than a fairy?
  16. Finished putting together a saw.
  17. Among all that nonsense I jointed some of the wood from Irion. All looks really nice so far.
  18. I just bear hugged the fucker. Not as easy as Shelly to toss over my shoulder but I managed.
  19. Man down! How do I get a 600lb saw off a pallet? 🤔
  20. Those are for me, figured walnut, destined for a coffee table. And possibly part of a dining table if there is enough.
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