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  1. I give it 48 hours before you break it.
  2. I think one of these is his shop. https://www.etsy.com/market/sawzall_dildo
  3. No I’m still using my Prusa. And like you everything I do is for something I’m going to use to build something. Planning on making battery mounts soon once I figured out how I want them mounted. If I need a second machine or find the need to do a lot of printing I’ll pick up the Bambu. Right now it’s minimal.
  4. I’m running OctoPrint and have a Spaghetti Detective docker setup on my server. I’ll look into the Sunlu.
  5. You are drying your PETG? What dryer are you using?
  6. It is, no more time wasted for it waiting on me to change the tool. No more zeroing on every tool change. Also using my work offsets now as well so no need to do corner finding. Just place the material and go. Next up is a vacuum table.
  7. Ping Pong upgrade, finally have a fully functional tool changer. IMG_0801.MOV
  8. Looks amazing. What was used in the shower?
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2022/nov/15/russia-ukraine-war-live-news-updates-kherson-victory-marks-beginning-of-end-of-russian-war-zelenskiy-says
  10. I have a Harbor Freight refrigerant air dryer that I got on a half off sale. Reviews were as good or better than more expensive units. I’ve had it running for over a year now with no issue.
  11. Ping-ponged up a sign out of HDU for a friend.
  12. That is really great work. Though I think you cheated by not doing it under candle light. Who did you source the wood from?
  13. You might like what he has there even better since it’s an upcut on the bottom and down cut on the top. Clean cut on both sides.
  14. Those cutoffs would make a good fire while enjoying the chairs.
  15. Agree. And really could use some natural tulips.
  16. Looks great, Steve! Though I do think you could have incorporated a cantilever design and some stained glass with natural design elements to bring the upstairs down and vice-versa.
  17. Um, when was the last time they won any academy award?
  18. Look at the power supplies for the dust gates, are they AC-DC or AC-AC? They supplied all mine with DC supplies and they last a week or less and get killed by static in the system. The gate actually has a DC converter internally so it can be used with a AC transformer only.
  19. Please let me know where I can locally pick up one of these Shop Foxes.
  20. Yes, set up a LLC with the Secretary of State, get an EIN, and get an account with you state sales tax devision. Also look up any other county/city licensing requirements. Probably could skip everything minus the EIN but if you want to stay safe with the local government I would do it all. Keep in mind you do have to be a profitable business in the eyes of the IRS. I believe you have 5 years to be profitable. Otherwise they will consider it a hobby and want their $.
  21. What Steve said. Sapele would be my guess.
  22. I recently picked up the Milwaukee and so for it works great. Also using the mag switch feather boards and like them a lot.
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