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  1. Okay, I see it meow. Tenching feature? Does it do moats as well?
  2. How are you attaching the the two sides of the gate where the 1/8" gate is? Decided I need to do some more meta woodworking and build a proper miter saw station. Going to clean off some space, remove some built in shelves, and build a station. How are you liking your setup so far, Al? Also need to decide if I just roll if my old Hitachi saw (which has been a work horse and pretty solid over the years) or move to something hopefully better.
  3. Second vanity complete. Definitely going with a larger reveal for the kitchen I’m going to do next.
  4. Good to know the rest is the line is also good. The Blums are impossible to get here and online, why I’m looking for the best alternatives.
  5. I’ll have to check them out, hopefully there is a local supplier. Picked up these Amazon Basics Euro handles for the cabinets. The quality is surprisingly good. Solid stainless with quality look and feel. Best part was they were $1.15. Which is probably bad since I’m just supporting the Bezos and China.
  6. I also use the Blum hinges, impossible To get it perfect without some tweaks. Really wish the Blum slides were in stock, the cheap knockoffs make it much harder to do. The ping pong cuts everything minus the face frame rails and stiles. Kind of wish I had an edge bander now 😂
  7. Pocket screws for the face frame. Dominos don’t really make sense and would be more work. The rest was dados, glue, and brad nails. Board is looking great!
  8. Going in one of the two smaller houses we bought recently. I have another vanity all cut, just need to put it together. I think getting the faces on take up about half of the construction time. Getting it all lined up is definitely a chore, I have a fully kitchen to do next, think I’m going to go with a larger reveal so being perfect isn’t so critical.
  9. I am. Using iVac. I have a metal pro one and plastic one. So far no issues other than the power supplies they supplied were AC/DC and would keep on frying from static. Turns out there is already a DC power supply already built into them. Switched to just using transformers and I haven’t had any issues.
  10. Actually really easy to make if you need a flat pack of anything. Ping ponged the carcasses, and put together the first one. Started to make the HDF doors and found that the latest version of my cabinet software causes problems with cutting the doors properly. Nothing like having a $1800 year piece of software that ruins sheets of wood.
  11. Easy peasy, what type of slide are you using?
  12. Looks like it found a good home. Slowly getting going on the cabinets, have the drawer boxes built. Not having to figure out any dimensions for them was really nice. Design the cabinet and have the machine cut the parts to size. Whatever that size may be.
  13. About that far. They looked really bad when it first happen because it pierced the skin when it was stretched in a squat.
  14. Found out that the inside measuring portion of calipers are ultra sharp. They will make a nice pair of 1/2” deep holes in one’s knee if you are measuring on the ground and accidentally bump into them.
  15. Going to have a go at ping ponging my first set of cabinets with Mozaik. Pretty advanced software that I’ll probably never fully learn, but pretty cool knowing once I have a decent grasp of how it operates I should be able to make any type of cabinetry relatively easily.
  16. naamanf


    Smaller fingers. If you are going to try online lessons, Guitar Tricks is probably the way to go.
  17. Faded Murder Boards. FMB FOTM FTW.
  18. Not bad for a Jeep 😂. Rumor has it there will be a dealer installed option for the TRX that will give it a extra 100 hp and still keep it under warranty 🤞I would like an even 1000hp truck but will settle with 800. 😂
  19. Nice. What does it do the 1/4 in?
  20. I would also say the same, but knowing they are instruments of death, I just can’t.
  21. Yup, definitely not bad. Crazily enough DHL takes about the same from EU countries. Why it sounds crazy that things take weeks from the EU to UK.
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