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  1. naamanf

    Get your game on!

    Built a new computer that doesn't suck if any of you nerds want to play something.
  2. Put on my fairy wings this morning.
  3. Suggestions on a small grinder for doing just a couple cups? Manual is fine. I want to switch up the beans I'm drinking during the day and the larger hopper on my grinder makes it a pain.
  4. Suggestions on where to get roasted beans? Need to stock up on a good variety to sample, figure I’ll need the extra energy to runaway away from Coronavirus zombies.
  5. Thanks y’all. Survived Vegas, back in Arkansas living my best trailer park life.
  6. You need to drink a lot more. It’s really not about the fishing.
  7. As much as I like BMWs it’s hard to not start considering a lower end 911 (or used) / Cayman when you consider what a loaded M4 costs.
  8. Well, I guess it was predictable. Still enjoyed it. Sad it’s all over. Lots of other good shows coming.
  9. Holly crap! That was insane, I can’t believe they killed off everyone except for Bran!
  10. Other than the “hey let’s quickly kill everyone and end this thing” I’ve been enjoying it.
  11. How is Raymond Richard going to finish this joint?
  12. Wrong. Must like what I like.
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