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  1. Look at the power supplies for the dust gates, are they AC-DC or AC-AC? They supplied all mine with DC supplies and they last a week or less and get killed by static in the system. The gate actually has a DC converter internally so it can be used with a AC transformer only.
  2. Please let me know where I can locally pick up one of these Shop Foxes.
  3. Yes, set up a LLC with the Secretary of State, get an EIN, and get an account with you state sales tax devision. Also look up any other county/city licensing requirements. Probably could skip everything minus the EIN but if you want to stay safe with the local government I would do it all. Keep in mind you do have to be a profitable business in the eyes of the IRS. I believe you have 5 years to be profitable. Otherwise they will consider it a hobby and want their $.
  4. What Steve said. Sapele would be my guess.
  5. I recently picked up the Milwaukee and so for it works great. Also using the mag switch feather boards and like them a lot.
  6. I think you should be able to put reference centerline tick marks top/bottom on both pieces in the position you want them aligned. Could be wrong.
  7. I have a Rockwell that I got for $25 on clearance somewhere forever ago. It’s come in real handy when I’ve installed flooring and doing trim work. I’ll have to look at the Ferrari of multi-tools (Milwaukee) if my cheapy breaks. Or I just want to spend more money to help out the economy.
  8. Looks like the Makita of multi tools, but whatever.
  9. I might give it a try. Cutting boards is done. Not perfect but getting closer on doing good inlays.
  10. Good to know since I was considering trying some sort of over the blade method, stetting with the already included blade guard. Guess I’ll just deal with it for now.
  11. Take 2. I don’t do cutting boards unless they are a gag gift.
  12. They sell upgraded Festool jigsaws?
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