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  1. Threw together a tool board in VCarve. In hindsight I could have done a better job with the space but it works for now.
  2. Steve knows my hobbies well 😂 Made some hold downs. Seems a compression bit is key when cutting plywood.
  3. Put on and cut a spoilboard with T hold down tracks. I’m seeing that work holding is a large challenge. For some reason I see a vacuum pump in my future. And a ATC, pulling collets off and on is lame.
  4. Easy for my drilling robot, just need exact dimensions.
  5. Put together an over complicated wood smasher.
  6. Having a large cabinet humidor has been my want list for a long time. I’ve actually been thinking about making one for a while. Local large commercial lumber supplier actually stocks the Spanish cedar so getting material shouldn’t be that hard to make it. I just need to step up my design game.
  7. They are a lot cheaper than new fingers.
  8. It keeps the material pressed down on the table and the wheels are angled to keep it pressed against the fence. Basically does the same thing feather boards do, helps make straight cuts and adds some safety against kickback.
  9. Put these stock guides on today and cut some 15’ pieces of ash to make stiles and rails for cabinet doors. Worked pretty well, real test will be ripping larger sheets.
  10. I’ve been happy with the Freud Industrial blades I’ve bought.
  11. The baffle is two separate pieces, so it all can be done single sided. I still need to draw up the internal supports, but I do have the dados in the base where they will fit. Did it as a exercise to make something simple in Fusion that I could actually use someday. Who doesn't need more home theater subwoofers?
  12. Ice Ice baby. Way cooler than my box 😂
  13. I think that's somewhere around lesson 224. I'm on 2.
  14. I present to you...a box. But it's fully parametric. Now I need to figure out how to do each component in CAM. Baby steps.
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