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  1. Fortunately I have Hilton Diamond status, so I get the one closest to the pier.
  2. Day 47: Had a beer at the beach.
  3. I’ve actually been having some really good food here, no TexMex. There is considerable cross boarder money(legitimate) that they need to cater to the ones that want authentic food from home. I might schedule a visit with a real-estate agent tomorrow 😂. Had this amazing shrimp ceviche and tostada for lunch today. Last night it was foie gras and morel chateaubriand.
  4. Day two and no fix for recall. Booked flight to fly out tonight. Plane hit a bird on landing. No flight out tomorrow, so booked for Friday. Maybe there will be a fix tomorrow 🙄. Definitely Brent’s fault.
  5. Flew to McAllen Tx this morning to pickup a new car for the wife. As they were working on the paper work there was a new recall issued for the vehicle which put a stop sale on it. Took all day, but they were finally able to find out it was for the front seatbelts of vehicles made during a 15 day period in April. They are still waiting for the bulletin that tells them what the fix is so they can release the car. Could be tomorrow, could be a week. 😡. Hopping I can move this picture to the Mindless Consumerism thread tomorrow. 100% Brent’s fault.
  6. naamanf

    Axpona 2024

    That would explain all the warm air on my neck.
  7. naamanf

    Axpona 2024

    Cool, I’ll be up there in a couple hours.
  8. naamanf

    Axpona 2024

    He will be hanging with hephalumps. This weekend.
  9. naamanf

    Axpona 2024

    Looks like I'll be hanging with Larry all weekend since none of you kool kids can make it. I might hang myself if a pair of his IEM cables.
  10. naamanf

    Axpona 2024

    Flight booked. Guess I'll be with you in that hell hole all weekend as well. When are you getting in?
  11. naamanf

    Axpona 2024

    Anyone going? Might make last minute plans, need to see what I might carry in my maybe store.
  12. Not bad. Finally have mine working okay.
  13. I don’t know, those look a bit alien like. And I’m sure they would sound great in that room 🙄
  14. Which is weird, don’t understand his fascination with having a nice bike, when a Schwinn will throw him to the ground just as well. Looking good, Nate!
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