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  1. Wire directly to the motors or do they have something else funky going on since they use vacuum motors?
  2. ClearVue, goes direct to the motor. I think I mentioned this before, check all the power adapters for the blast gates and make sure they are AC/AC not AC/DC. You obviously don’t use your holder for also hanging your brass balls like I did.
  3. I just use the iVac remote, works great anywhere in the shop.
  4. Give this guy a billion dollars and he will complain about all the zeros.
  5. I just tried knocking over my table saw with a steel pipe, didn’t work. That MUST be some serious hose.
  6. Did you get the bin full light system?
  7. Picked up a CMT hinge borer and it included a totally worthless stand so I rigged up my own. Just need to add some dust collection. Original is that tiny square.
  8. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0c3t2kEB2NrZ8fjQ_1cT_bimQ https://share.icloud.com/photos/03eHRq9jxY4WB7zX1fHJjsbcQ
  9. My CNC generates some serious static on dry material that causes very large arcs between the hose clamp and spindle. I’m going to attach a wire between them so it can continually discharge.
  10. If I need to do anything different I'll pull out the domino. I could make swappable fences but I really don't plan on doing anything other than 3/4" or 13/16" for face frames with it. If I get really serious I'll just buy the fully automated full size Castle machine.
  11. Do the PVC, it’s cheap and super easy (use sewer pipe). If nothing else I would do it and live with everything to make sure you like the placement.
  12. I hope payed influencers die off like crypto. Waiting on my Red cameras to start my channel. Stool looks good though.
  13. They do make ceiling mounted mini splits.
  14. Nice! tested out my new pocket hole machine. It makes holes.
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