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    Saving the world 1 BG at a time
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    Building stuff. Long walks off short piers.
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    Couple cables here and there. And a speaker or two.

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  1. Pro tip: unlock everything, throw keys away.
  2. Customer paperwork/artwork. They are a two man web/design/marketing company. Thank you!
  3. Slapped together a console for a friends business.
  4. Weeks? And she wonders why she can’t afford (almond) milk.
  5. Went with the cheap AT table. She asked me if she could only put one speaker in her room and figured anything more was overkill 🤦‍♂️
  6. It’s still Tool. At least I’m safe there.
  7. Her budget. That things is as much as a Taylor Swift ticket, I’ve already bought her a couple. 🤦‍♂️
  8. Knock off a zero from the price then divide it in half. About her budget.
  9. Any suggestions on an inexpensive record player for my daughter? She needs something to play her growing collection of Taylor Swift vinyl on.
  10. Still not switching over to the Raptor, I'll take that .1 second deficit over it's interior. Maybe I need to add a Lambo to the house 🤔
  11. You know I don’t speak Spanish.
  12. Step one of failure is reading the manual.
  13. Healthy snack if you don’t finish it. Win-win in my book.
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