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  1. Curious how well the AI works. We have a large system at work with all G3 cameras that I need to switch to protect, just curious how well the AI is. I have BlueIris at the house and the Deep Stack AI works really well and being able to use any camera is a big plus. The newer color night cameras work pretty well.
  2. Don’t make me whip this out. (Made it last night)
  3. I have the same speakers in my theater room. Great for movies, music....okay.
  4. Made a case for the Pi, camera mount, and some Silvie Loki horns.
  5. Raspberry Pi is a micro sized computer running Linux that is used as a controller for the 3D printer. Prusa is the brand of 3D printer, based out of Czech Republic.
  6. Put together the Prusa. Hooked up a Pi for running Octopi and now building a case to mount the Pi directly to the Prusa.
  7. Simple inlay cut with a drag knife.
  8. Looking good, that’s a lot to rub on. What version did you use? I’m looking to switch to pre-cat lacquer for most of the stuff I’m doing. Applying by hand and waiting just takes to long. For those that need a new safe saw, checkout out the Felder Kappa 550 with PCS. It’s only a couple more bucks than a SawStop 🙄
  9. That’s great news, though I’m a little disappointed we won’t have a full time pirate as part of the crew.
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