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  1. Stopped by my friend's house today to pick up the PCBs and transformer built by him. Looked great so far, despite the messed-up PCB's color. I'll try to populate the resistors tomorrow, when my gf is busy at the mall.
  2. Thanks. Heck, it took me almost an hour to put the stuffs back... I found it funny that they need 2 solder joints to connect each wire to the tab.
  3. Mine is SZ2-1731 lol. Not to far from yours.
  4. Not sure if these help, but there you go: I dare not to go deeper Not sure if there's something else behind.
  5. I've just received a new set of SR007A directly from Japan. I might be able to help check that.
  6. Here's the design number from SumR if anyone needs it:
  7. I don't think I could remember how long I've put into the DAC-2. Sometimes I just fell asleep and left them play all night. One reason I found it too dry is my amp (B22) and headphones (HD800,K1000) are also very sterile. I just feel I need something smoother, warmer. I have a local dealer but they charge like $3,500 for the PWD.
  8. The Wyred DAC-2 and at a little lower league, a DIY AD1865 tube DAC. The Wyred has more sterile sound, while, to my ears, the PWD is is a tad warmer. I might say it's more musical. Both have excellent details but as mentioned, the PWD is just so nice that I can consider switching to it.
  9. I did ask but they don't have any B-stock 230v version now. I'm using a 1.5kW isolation transformer that can output both 230v and 115v but it's better to convert voltage in the DAC directly, imo. I spent some time playing with the PWD+Transport at my friend's house a couple days ago. The sound is really nice, but honestly, not really better than my current DAC. The build and features, on the hand, are absolutely amazing.
  10. Sorry to bump the thread. I'm thinking of getting a PWD but not sure if it could be converted to 230v AC. The only clear pic of the transformer I could find is the one from 6moons: The dealer wants $200 to do the conversion, which I never want to do.
  11. So, basically any shoulder washer that has enough length would be just fine? I still a bunch left from my Beta22 build. Wondering if I could use them... Also, would this aluminum oxide insulator work for lower voltage MOSFETs like the ones in the Beta? If it's better, in term of heat transmitting, than the thermasil I'm using, I'll just buy a bunch and replace the thermasil.
  12. Just when I though $5 for a screw is too much for my blood.
  13. BTW, I'm confused about the 4171G 'washer'. The BOM says Are those 2 different things? One of those should be this one, right? Also, should the nuts be something special or just a standard one would be just fine?
  14. ebay. search for dsep12-12a. Try mouser 532-4170 (smaller size) or here. I doubt. there should be a boatload of these caps. very standard values.
  15. Just click Show Similar to get some other options. Panasonic do have all the caps needed.
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