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  1. arnaud

    Kaldas Research

    Hi Aumkar, This is an interesting development and I am curious about how you came up with some of the design aspects. For instance, we can see that the open back baffle is quite deep and has non symmetric shape. Does this measurably affect the response on your kemar? Also, my recollection of 009 measurements is that is has ~80Hz resonance frequency loaded (~150Hz in free air) with a non-ported design. How about your prototype? From the measurements you published, it looks more like a ported design with ~45Hz resonance frequency? I'd be keen on making acoustic simulation of
  2. I don’t have much to add to hugo’s post, agree on the findings except perhaps sounstage which felt a bit more closed in on the 009S compared to 009. I also used my source (sony dap) HP out to drive the T8000 so it wasn’t ideal + noisy environment but I was pleasantly surprised by 009S. These days I am applying dig. EQ to my 009 to take the edge off the mids and boost the subbass a little so I did not think I’d get into the 009S. But what I listened to today was quite promising, the 009S improves on the 009 across the board and I could not find a drawback. It sounds cleaner, fuller bo
  3. Interesting tear down, thank you Birgir! The driver is effectively sandwiched between the housing the baffle plate through these rubber gaskets, quite different from Stax hard fixation style. Also, the wire mesh of the stator seems very very fine, that's interesting because I bet the airflow resistivity is actually orders of magnitude higher than than traditional perforated stators (that present little airflow resistance contrary to the common belief these days...). That fine wire mesh, ignoring the mechanical aspect for now, must certainly add significant damping to the diaphragm.
  4. The worse part is that these comments made me curious and... so basically, woo wes and earpods is all you need, the rest is to show off and, by the way, I am spending 50 grands on a headphone system where the tubes raise up when you turn the amp on, I am thus done with audio. Finally someone who got it, it was about time. Back to you gilmore, building those carbons with burger. arnaud
  5. This is what Suzuki-san was saying in his video I think: DC coupled not strictly because of the use of servo.
  6. Suzuki-san confirmed this was for dac or phono board when I talked to him at the show. You should have asked me that before, I would have brought it up! Also he confirmed the dedicated low voltage supply for the addon board. Jude got other things confirmed when he visited Stax office on Friday (such as power supply regulation), I hope to see some news posted in the HF thread at some point. I liked what I heard on brief listen when compared to stock 727 amp, it felt more significant than differences between other stax amps. Of course, this is to be taken with a pinch of salt given the
  7. There you go, I stand corrected. Now, if I only knew what this servo regulates actually ;-).
  8. From the little I understood in the video, slot 4 is for addon that are still in developments. Suzuki-san (chief designer) specifically mentioned about DAC or equalizer (phono that is?). He also mentioned this line 4 slot has its own transformer / supply, independent from the rest of the circuit. He mentioned great attention had to be paid to shielding giving how closely spaced these components are and the mixture of low level signals (including upcoming slot 4 boards) and 60dB circuit (or 54dB I forgot). So, encaged toroidal, encaged inpu stage tubes, encaged slot 4 board... S
  9. He is afaik, think the main bottleneck was efficiency but I suppose the delayed launch has a bit to do with him working on this.
  10. There was talk of something mk2 becoming something mk3 but I personally don't see the Omega 2 getting the treatment this time if it was already tweaked behind the scenes (pads) per people claiming current production Z3 are good. On the other hand, I recall Stax acknowledged the tiny SR003 could be more ergonomic so there's hope something is being done there. But indeed, nobody has a clue what will get released or when... arnaud
  11. Stax amp coming this summer, sitting above the 007t2 but not quite T2 grade. My random guessing goes toward something similar to the kgst with sr009 price tag... Other than that, you pissed off the sole speaker of transdyn.... arnaud
  12. Hifiman RE-2000$ ;-). There you go, the only mistake with the Edition-6 was the unfortunate naming, should have gone by HE-6000$. BTW, HE-9000$ is coming soon at CanJan event near you ! arnaud
  13. An attempt at translating the latest Stax tour / interview: http://www.head-fi.org/t/829843/stax-sr-009-and-t2-successors-confirmed-for-spring-2017/45#post_13130037 cheers, arnaud
  14. Correct, I think this was just the excitment to post big news while relying on google translate ;-). Now, what could 2018 big thing be if the amp is released next year?! A new ... ladder DAC? ;-) arnaud
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