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  1. Oops. I forgot about the USB part and the SE part of this thread, so I was pretty off-topic. Sorry bout that. Anyway, if I go from a sound card's digital out, will that be approximately the same quality as USB? Or maybe just use a Thingee or HagUSB or something?
  2. The Assemblage can be balanced at the builder's discretion? Or no? Is that better or worse than the TransDAC? I'm not entirely sure who else owns/owned the TPA stuff, but I've read comments here and there from SACD Lover and swt61. Keeping an eye on naamanf's loaner program thread...
  3. I'm kinda in the same boat as padam, except I'd probably lean more towards vintage or DIY. Icarium says old Parasound, Sonic Frontiers, Levinson, and possibly Theta are good. But which models should I be looking for? What are some good DIY DACs?
  4. I thought so, but better to ask and be safe than sorry. Despite my audio hobby, the TV is still the single most expensive electronic device that I own.
  5. Ya, but those MGs at least look good. This thing is just hilariously ugly. =) Anyways, I got it. No 6973s, but whatever.
  6. I had a crappy teriyaki burger w/ fries for lunch and felt so guilty. I only had a chicken breast and protein shake the rest of today...
  7. My closet sized studio = fail. I'll figure something out, though. Just to be sure: what's a safe distance?
  8. Newb question: will these old speakers fuck up my LCD if I put them close? If so, what can I do?
  9. Unless, of course, I'm 150 of pure midget muscle. Duh... (I'm 5' 8")
  10. Halfway point progress report: week 0 (1st weigh-in) - 147.4 week 1 - 145.6 week 2 - 143.4 week 3 (today) - 142.2 Not bad, eh?
  11. Yeah, as soon as I saw it, I started looking for Klipsch's on Craig's List. Are Forte significantly better than Heresy? From what I understand, there's Heresy I, II, and III and Forte I and II. Any significant differences other than vintage? The reason I ask is there was a pair of Forte II for $450, which looked like a decent deal.
  12. I did the exact same thing. I mean, for $110, might as well take a flier on them, right?
  13. So Ori is selling this old Silvertone receiver/amp that he restored. FS: restored vintage Silvertone tube amp/receiver - $175 - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio It
  14. That Buffalo interests the hell outta me. Comparisons, please!
  15. Merlots are good, but I don't drink enough to be able to tell you my favorite red. I generally do like them better than cabs, though. Actually, cab may be my least favorite so far.
  16. Well, I'm the smallest dude there, so... Anyways, I was just kidding about the health risk thing. I have a decent idea of what I'm getting into. The competition is by percentage, not mass. That helps somewhat. If I manage to do well, y'all can get in on my diet/exercise secrets. Funny that I already have a bodybuilding.com space, but I'm posting info here.
  17. What health risks? I wanna see if I can get down under 130, just for fun.
  18. I didn't see that episode, but you're right, our idea wasn't entirely original.
  19. Hey guys, first post here, and it's not related to anything musical. =) I'm 5'8", 145lb, body fat % in the low teens. My office is doing a weight loss challenge (w/ money involved) to see who can lose the highest percentage of their original weight. I'm worried that staying competitive may force me to be unnaturally skinny. Should I even try to compete?
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