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  1. Happy birthday, Todd!
  2. Feel better soon!
  3. Happy belated Todd!
  4. Happy Birthday Todd, hope you have a great one.
  5. Happy belated!
  6. Happy Birthday!
  7. That sounds about right. I did a couple moves with cats and they take some time to be acclimated with new surroundings (ours luckily only took about 2 days). One cat would do nothing but walk around cautiously for an entire day and would ignore and even avoid you if you tried to make contact. The other would huddle in a corner as if you just put him in a time-out...for hours at a time. And as Dusty dates are a definite bad idea...we found this out the hard way. Hope everything works out for you.
  8. Happy Birthday!!!
  9. Happy Birthday!
  10. Happy birthday! Good luck on the mcat!
  11. Happy birthday! Hope you had a great one!
  12. Happy burfday!
  13. Another INTJ here. I've read a couple books on MBTI and they say people tend to have friends who are similar types, while their mates tend to be opposites/different. One of my close friends is an INFJ and is also the only one I know of. We always seemed to have a very easy time understanding each other...
  14. I went to a place called Rio's Steakhouse down in Quincy. Mediocre salad bar, but the meat is what counts and they are good in that department. There is another one in Cambridge called Midwest Grill that I keep hearing good things about which I also intend to try. Word of advice if you do decide to go check one out...don't waste stomach space on the salad bar and fill up on meat.
  15. Thanks, everyone! Just came back from a great meal of Brazilian BBQ and am about to pass out from meat coma.