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  1. I cooked the steak and scrambled eggs. I cut the avocado. The other stuff is last night’s leftovers from Bistro’s Na in Temple City, CA.
  2. Organic grass fed ribeye pan fried in raw butter — medium rare. Daikon kimchee, ginger, organic purple potato and avocado
  3. Bulgarian yogurt, blueberries, candied walnuts, cacao nibs and maple syrup
  4. Happy belated Bday! I hope it was a good one...
  5. http://www.longearscoffee.com/ I love their medium roast aged coffee. I use a cheap glass and metal French press.
  6. I am disappointed too. Lucid all wheel drive models are alot more expensive than the baseline Model S. I've slowed down.
  7. Did you fall in love with it? Today I took delivery of my new car.
  8. I will post the vid, if I can figure out how... (palm to face)
  9. About 30 mintues ago, I just high fived Paul McCartney. He looked at my George Harrison t-shirt as he walked by and said cool... I've been wanting to meet him since I've been about seven or eight years old. BTW, his hands are girly soft. https://www.facebook.com/mr.russomanno/posts/1325374807478189?notif_t=like&notif_id=1462055330460450
  10. In California about half the time, victims of crime don't get their money (i.e., restitution).
  11. I've heard no mention as to whether or not they had insurance. Every commercial lease I've read has a provision requiring the leasee obtain insurance. If they catch the thieves, they ultimately will be ordered to pay restitution.
  12. Al, your prime rib roast looks insanely good. Mike, I hope John shared a few ribs with you.
  13. Thanks, Al. The light double tap on the home button is helpful.
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