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  1. 6 hours ago, Reima said:

    I see some builds have the amp boards at the back of the chassis and others at the front. Is there any benefit (sonic or otherwise) to putting them at the front or back?

    As a rule of thumb try and keep the transformer as far away from the amp boards as possible. Board placement depends a great deal on whether you’re building a two box or one box chassis. Implementing a two box with an an external psu you do have the luxury of having the amp boards at the back close to the inputs and like Pars mentioned you can then use a long shaft for the volume pot. Btw I’ve not had any had hum issues when using fully encapsulated transformers.

  2. Having owned a DCA Aeon Noire for a while the DCA Stealth got me interested. I like what Dan is trying to achieve, with the introduction of the Expanse I couldn’t resist the urge to buy another flagship. So I have an Expanse incoming, will be pairing it with a CFA2.

    I do not like the dicky naming of the products, minor gripe hopefully I’m happy with what the Expanse brings to the table being that I love what the Noire achieves at its price point.

    Will be updating with impressions when I’m ready, has anybody heard or owned a DCA Stealth or Expanse?

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  3. On 8/5/2022 at 7:06 AM, Juansan2 said:

    Please accept my apologies for any lowering of the signal to noise ratio in advance but my sincere and profound thanks (as a philistine of all things electronic) to people like Birgir, Kevin, Justin and the rest of you that have influenced (directly and indirectly) the creation of masterpieces such as the one below and the influence they have on the lives of us mere mortal lovers of music.  This is the culmination of a dream of over 15 years in the making:


    Special thanks to Birgir for his efforts and support to this community at large  


    The black front panel looks amazing! Congrats!

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  4. You can either use split or a single GRHV psu board, your choice there is no difference, just layout choices.

    The amp pcbs are 1 channel per board, you’ll need 2.

    You don't have to use a GRLV, you can use the onboard 15V circuit that is included as part GRHV psu.

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  5. There is no generic or universal enclosure as such.

    I recommend having a look at modushop, the pesante dissipante range could be the ticket. But you’ll need to tap heatsinks and drill holes for the panels. Modushop customise as well, so you could have everything done there from your drawings. eBay is another good source for enclosures.

    Front Panel Express is a great company for getting drilling of your panels done, you need to work with their proprietary  software which is downloadable and fairly easy to use.

    Unfortunately none of this is cheap...

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