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  1. The ESS has a noise floor of -135db, I don’t know if any analog volume controls can compete.
  2. This is a my new classical guitar made by local luthier Trevor Gore. The guitar has a most of Trevors innovations incorporated, this weekend I’ll get to meet Trevor and collect my new baby. https://goreguitars.com.au/innovation/
  3. If this product was launched 20 years ago I’m going to guess it would have failed, but 2023 has stupidity is on mass.
  4. I do prefer them. Stats do that ethereal hyper detailed thing, it’s an impressive and addictive listen, whilst the DCA Expanse is understated in presentation, neutral to a fault. I prefer the realism from the DCA, its faithfulness to the recording without imposing. Another aspect is how well they match with my Chord Mojo 2 / Chord Poly, having portably this good is just incredible. For me the penultimate Stat proposition no longer makes much sense.
  5. FWIW with 2 X 100VA the GRLVs are not going to run hot, you can mount them to the base plate.
  6. having the amps boards stacked like that you won't be able to bias the lower board if needed. Just ensure there’s adequate space, maybe longer standoffs.
  7. As a rule of thumb try and keep the transformer as far away from the amp boards as possible. Board placement depends a great deal on whether you’re building a two box or one box chassis. Implementing a two box with an an external psu you do have the luxury of having the amp boards at the back close to the inputs and like Pars mentioned you can then use a long shaft for the volume pot. Btw I’ve not had any had hum issues when using fully encapsulated transformers.
  8. Late to the party. Happy Birthday Steve!
  9. I use the Hakko FRF-301 as well, I need a few more tips to compliment for different scenarios, but very happy with mine aside from being a little pricey.
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