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  1. Or you could use Molex Spox connectors instead of terminal blocks in those LV positions.
  2. It’s a wee little beasty. Very slick, but how much current are your pushing with those sinks?
  3. Goldpoint V47 is same Elma switch and a lot less money.
  4. hi johnwmclean,

    I have 4 spare ksc5026mos purchased from mouser in the USA - same batch as I am using in my T2 power supplies. I'm based in the UK. Swap wise the things I am short of are C2M1000170D, 2sk216 and 2sj79 - but I guess almost everyone is short of them.




  5. I see Ok gotcha, DACT or RK50 only then. The Goldpoint V47 is 47 steps vs DACT 24 steps. I also prefer the wafers with PCBs vs DACTs pinouts (not an issue with your T2 pcb though). Then channel matching on either DACT or Goldpoint would be better than the RK50 as well as a lot less money. The Goldpoint feels incredibly good quality not RK50 quality, but a lot better than the DACT from my experience. I’ve also had Kozmo’s as well and was not a fan, maybe quality has improved but not willing to gamble.
  6. Since KSC5026M is 0 stock worldwide, could I drop in the original part 2SC3840 without issue into the latest HV designs?
  7. It’s really dried up out there, I’ve looked everywhere for KSC5026M for a HV supply, if any one has stock kicking around I need 4 pcs? Happy to trade on something you may need, have quite a few bits and pieces.
  8. 50k not 50ohm The Goldpoint V47 is an incredible attenuator, I prefer way more than DACT or RK50.
  9. That is fucking BEAUTIFUL! Congrats Kerry!
  10. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/255043710488?hash=item3b61ca2e18:g:4mQAAOSwGNtg5G7e
  11. Very nice build, any reason you couldn’t have used one custom transformer?
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