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  1. Full points for the style.
  2. GeorgeP are boards on offer as well as the chassis?
  3. Options are limited; 1) Use a permanent epoxy/glue and risk not being able to access parts again. 2) Use non permanent tape/glue and risk the heatsink becoming loose and shorting something. 3) Let em run hot. I’ve adopted option 3, have measured ~74°C, with an ambient of 24°C after an hour fully cased. Not ideal, but not catastrophic and well within running spec.
  4. Was saddened by this news;
  5. John,

    What happened to your head.......   :huh:

  6. I like the PSU partition . Very nicely thought out details.
  7. Beautiful work!
  8. 1. Their steel panels are not nice IMO, definitely prefer 3mm aluminium. 2. FPE could do them. Modushop should advise dimensions. I’ve done this with several of my builds (Modushop heatsinks and brackets and Cam Expert have milled the panels.) 3. Cam Expert accept FPE files, that’s what I’ve been suppling them with for years. 4. No experience with CAD software on a mac sorry, what I do initially is draw up files in Adobe Illustrator CC, then manually export x and y coordinates into Front Design, works well and is a great double check. Soren has had some nice machining done by Modushop, I’ve used them for some heatsink drilling/tapping which was very nice as well, they were always good to deal with.
  9. Condolences HemiSam, Rest in peace GG.
  10. Really nice Soren. I've been using AMBs driver switch board as I prefer the feel of momentary switches and without the chance of false triggering from latching types.
  11. He’s fooling, it was sarcasm right?
  12. But my sarcasm... Was like... turned up to 11.
  13. Stereophile’s rated the Yggydrasil class B. I should have kept my class A+ NAD M51.
  14. Agreed, I would not describe the Carbon as 'very cool'. As Mark has pointed out you may have a thermal bottleneck.