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  1. Hello!  Just wondering if you have any female Stax plugs/sockets left to sell.  I am making an electrostatic amplifier.  Please let me know.  Thanks.  Doug

  2. The black front panel looks amazing! Congrats!
  3. This one cuts. Farewell Olivia.
  4. RIP Judith Durham. Will be missed dearly.
  5. You can either use split or a single GRHV psu board, your choice there is no difference, just layout choices. The amp pcbs are 1 channel per board, you’ll need 2. You don't have to use a GRLV, you can use the onboard 15V circuit that is included as part GRHV psu.
  6. FYI I have enough to get by at the moment, good luck with the group buy!
  7. RIP Isabella. What a beautiful dog, well loved I’m sure, she looks so happy!
  8. When I get home after this weekend, I’ll check my stock, see if I need a top up.
  9. https://tidal.com/album/224606937
  10. shit awful disease, sorry for your loss Chris.
  11. https://goldensound.audio/2022/07/04/kevin-gilmore-cfa3-headphone-amp-measurements/
  12. Happy Birthday Birgir!
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