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Cool article. My wife and I haven't had cable for 6 years (me for 8) and I gotta say life is better that way. We really only watch 1-2 hours a day and we don't mindlessly flip channels. We're focused TV-on-DVD watchers. We sit down with a viewing agenda and stop when it's done.

But the internet is the big one for me. Even when there's shit to read on the few forum I frequent I still "flip channels" through sites.

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I never had cable when I was growing up, my parents didn't want us to sit there and watch television all the time. I guess it worked. Now that I'm in college though, my roommates and I have a few televisions and cable all around. Not to mention the Wii that we just got...

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Note avatar. I basically don't watch television. Every once in a while, I'll pass by when my housemate is watching, and I'll get sucked in. Got sucked in for several hours over the weekend, but I was sick and didn't feel like getting up, don't know what her excuse was...she keeps considering getting cable, I really hope she doesn't. I'll probably get sucked in by concerts on M2 and stuff, but I told her, since I watch 1/10th of what she watches, I ain't payin' for it, so it's entirely up to her to get it...

Now...DVDs, that's something else entirely...I love watching those...

Oh, and:

the internet also consumes far more of my time than TV ever did.
Ditters, more or less (back when I was addicted to television around 1999 or so, I watched more television than surfed the internet, but if I were to get addicted again, I'd probably surf more than watch television).
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