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  1. I'll send you one in a little bit.
  2. Tool - 10000 Days The Flaming Lips - At War with the mystics Ghostface Killah - Fishscale The Game - Doctors Advocate Nas - Hip Hop is Dead Incubus - Light grenades Gnarls Barkley - st. elsewhere
  3. PsychoZX


    Wow I was actually thinking of grabbing a pair of RS1s in a month or so. I may just wait and see what this new product has to offer.
  4. I found this - http://www.shop.com/op/~Sonicwave_8482_Glass_Toslink_8482_Cable_Gray_4023X-prod-32146388-41911410?sourceid=298 . It is available in lengths up to 5 meters.
  5. I have a few invites to Pedro's if anyone wants one.
  6. Whats sad is that anyone can make that same exact cable with the same exact wire and connectors for roughly $15-20, maybe less.
  7. I don't think the 271s come with velour pads.
  8. No kidding. I've been waiting for any word on my K1000s I sent in about 2 1/2 months ago.
  9. I spent some time at the florida meet comparing Ray's R10s (serial number in the 1100 range) to a AT W11JPN and to my surprise the R10s had considerably deeper and fuller sounding bass with more impact. In fact the only pair of R10s I heard that were lacking in bass was an older pair that Mikhail had at the national meet (not the recabled one, he had two pairs at that meet). The rest of the R10s I have heard were the later production models and I was always satisfied with the amount of bass they presented. To me percussion instruments sound more real on the R10s than any other headphone I have ever heard.
  10. Hmm I wonder how my decked out extreme would compare to the amp it was based on.
  11. Well I just put in my order for the extreme. I went with a Plitron transformer upgrade, Blackgates for the power and cathode caps, a gain switch, Solen stage 1, and a single tube adapter so I can use some 12au7, 12at7, etc. for the gain in addition to the standard 6sn7. I can't wait till I get this bad boy.
  12. Something tells me that I'm gonna be really really happy with this amp when I get it. ;D
  13. Yes It drove every headphone I tried with ease. Even the 40 ohm R10s. I didn't try any grados but I don't think they would be a problem for the extreme.
  14. Yes from what I understand from Mikhail is that the circuit for the Extreme uses a small part of the ppx3 circuit board and the rest is a completely new design wired p2p.
  15. Because I think having a nice electrostatic setup would be a nice compliment to your K1000 rig. I am also considering getting an Omega II with a KGSS. I was pretty impressed with what I heard from them out of an egmont reference at the national meet.
  16. PsychoZX

    Stax Omega 2

    How much does a KGSS typically go for?
  17. PsychoZX

    5 Favorites?

    In no paticular order: Pink Floyd - The Wall Tool - Lateralus Radiohead - Kid A Miles Davis - Kind of Blue A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step
  18. I was able to get a used pair with a broken headband and fixed mine. Now I have a working stock (atm at least) pair.
  19. I didn't think they sounded that similar when I hear them. The L3000 has a lot more bass. How bout getting a K1000?
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