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  1. Happy belated birthday! Sorry, I didn't know "Adam" was you, will probably forget by next year, too. Mea Culpa. (facepalm at self) (party favour noise)
  2. Happy birthday! I hope it was a greatest of Fridays. (party favour noise)
  3. Very weird weather last night. It started out as snow, turned to rain, but cold enough to still be freezing with the wind chill, so it just sort turned into...? I don't know. I didn't step outside. Pure black ice weather. My bursitis was acting up just thinking about it.
  4. I've been listening to a lot of great fusion lately. Easily my favourite discovery of the year are Fox Capture Plan. They have 2 2021 releases, and they're both top tier for me. Damn, I wish I could play jazz. This is from NEBULA(ネヴュラ): (Not sure why it's failing to embed -- the live event is long since past, yes, but I'm watching/listening to the YouTube video right now. The event was the video released timed to coincide with a meteor stream.) This is from Xronicle:
  5. Happy birthday, guvna! (party favour noise)
  6. It never crested -1 (C) here. On the bright side, nothing melted and refroze into new black ice, so only old black ice that did not sublimate remained. I didn't slip once.
  7. I am curious what you think of Bitches Brew. Unrelated -- me: Wilderun, Epigone. I have been really looking forward to this -- metal, mix of clean singing and harsh, with orchestration -- but what elevates this above other metal with orchestration is that the two members of the band responsible for the orchestration are sublime soundtrack musicians by day, so the orchestration is integral to the music, rather than just being "accompaniment".
  8. Happy birthday, Dan! (party favour noises)
  9. Happy new year, you lot! 2021, please go fuck yourselves. 2022, don’t make me sorry.
  10. Today, I had two of the most delicious steaks. The master chef at Raouche Cafe was kind enough to share with me his very easy, simple marinade, and I’ve been on a quest to recreate it ever since. Today, I recreated it perfectly. The recipe is white vinegar and black pepper. I added garlic, cumin, and white pepper. 30- 45 minutes marinade time while the beef warmed up a little. Then placed in foil, added more garlic, pepper, and a little salt. Closed foil, 375 preheated oven for 11:11 the first time (too well done), 9:99 the second (medium). Might try 8:88 tomorrow. Cut was Food Lion filet mignon tenderloin medallions. Barely needed a knife both times, could’ve cut with a fork. Tasted right both times, too: Super delicious.
  11. It's December 25th, so I'm listening to my project that I wrote for today 2 years ago (it's drone/dark ambient/noise, so don't even bother if that doesn't sound like anything you listen to): Also, Chris Meloche, Recurring Dreams of the Urban Myth, the album that heavily inspired it (also Wubworld, but I didn't listen to that today, I was a little droned out) : https://silentrecords.bandcamp.com/album/recurring-dreams-of-urban-myth Also, more Placebo, Mt. Mountain, Yuragi, Porter Robinson, Holy Monitor, and Flyying Colours.
  12. Found out a couple weeks ago, that a producer friend of mine has been working with Brian Moloko and Placebo, so I've been listening to their albums and B-sides, as they have one of those catalogs that I really just enjoy the entire thing of. Looking forward to the new album coming out next year.
  13. Happy birthday, Ken! Best age to be, amirite? (party favour noise)
  14. I’m sorry, I missed it too. And Diana is easily my most played song of the year. It just goes so hard.
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