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  1. Oh, no worries, not your responsibility to answer my questions. Funnily enough, I got the small mio and successfully updated the OS on my Prophet 6 and now it sounds awesome. Will try to get away with that until it’s not enough. Will listen to your track later, on the good system.
  2. I wasn’t done writing yet. And how the fuck was I supposed to know she was from London?
  3. Meh. At least it’s melodic, but I kinda hate those “watch me play this famous tune” videos. Even the PVRPL guitar did nothing for me. Also not a big fan of Diezels nor Kiesels.
  4. I will have to watch later. I’m watching and listening to the bassist for Al1ce explain everything “under the hood”.
  5. Hey, if they help find a vaccine, I don’t care who has the crown.
  6. Happy belated birthday! (party favour noise)
  7. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/bristol-pub-colston-arms-renamed-ye-olde-pubby-mcdrunkface-a9594406.html
  8. Yeah, that’s what made me think it was his. He also went batshit crazy in terms of downsizing, said he wanted to go the way of Steve Jobs or the Dali Lama or someone. He was a nice guy though, gave a bunch of us stuff, very sharing. Just going to leave that Trump stuff alone, I don’t think I will ever figure out Trump supporters’ ability to turn a blind eye to the evil that he does.
  9. If it's anyone's, it's Aardvark's. That said, I don’t remember the coaxial speakers.
  10. I always wanted to cover that song (Suicide is Painless).
  11. I need this Australian Research & Space Exploration T-shirt
  12. Dusty love "Pepper Poppers", which are basically those minus the bacon and sausage, so now Dusty WANT Armadillo Eggs.
  13. So that’s why my interest dropped off after San Francisco Days! By the way, thanks to a certain DJ on WHFS, I am one of those few people who heard Silvertone first.
  14. About to eat fish & chips at nicely socially distanced Dogfish Head Alehouse.
  15. Yeah, I discovered Japanese Breakfast just recently. Went apeshit on her music for a while. Good stuff. Me: still listening to the new Hum.
  16. This (Satie's Gnossienne #1) is going to be filed with Grieg's "Solvejg's Song" (from Peer Gynt incidental music) and Mussorgsky's "The Old Castle" (from Pictures at an Exhibition) as one of my favourite hauntingly beautiful short pieces, but this version is...uh...pretty WAT.
  17. Thanks! Will have to watch that. Me, now:
  18. Yeah, it’s good, you definitely need to check it out. That said, it has made me start thinking of revisiting their back catalogue as well. I don’t listen to their material enough.
  19. Dusty Chalk


    But you're paying $50/month for YouTube TV, or are you using a trial period?
  20. https://appleinsider.com/articles/20/06/24/apple-silicon-mac-mini-dev-kit-looks-like-a-desktop-ipad-pro
  21. I never noticed that, I love vocal songs with ~> 50% instrumental. Great album. I listened to The Jungle quite a bit. “And they danced!...”. Jeff Lynne is a brilliant producer. Me: Hum —first album in over 22 years! Shoegaze heaven. https://humband.bandcamp.com/releases
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