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  1. ojnihs

    The NHL 2010 playoffs thread

    fucking pens are letting me down
  2. ojnihs

    The NHL 2010 playoffs thread

    ah yes although i must say, i'm also rooting for the blackhawks since i spent more time living in chicago (4 years) than i did in pittsburgh (2 years)
  3. ojnihs

    The NHL 2010 playoffs thread

    damn, am i the only pitt fan here?
  4. ojnihs

    JH Audio stuffs

    god damn that's beautiful
  5. ojnihs


  6. ojnihs

    Ipod Touch / Iphone

  7. ojnihs


    fuck, that's awful, sorry mate
  8. ojnihs


    already? holy shit, how long have you had them?
  9. ojnihs

    Ye Macce Threade

    I can't use anything but Safari. I really don't like firefox for mac and chrome makes my macbook fan spin like crazy, which just ends up annoying me.
  10. ojnihs

    Ipod Touch / Iphone

    what's wrong with ALAC?
  11. ojnihs

    JH Audio stuffs

    Holy shit that's hot
  12. ojnihs

    JH Audio stuffs

    question for people from the north. what's your thought on how these fair in the cold? i normally just use these at the apartment or hospital, never outdoors, but as it gets colder, i'm wondering how even transporting these things in my bag is going to affect them.
  13. ojnihs

    What are you listening to Part Two

    The Beatles - White Album (2009 Remaster) Sounds quite nice with the JH13s
  14. ojnihs

    What are you listening to Part Two

    when the hell did that come out? better go check that out