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A few months back I bought a used NAS device on here and initially I had no issues getting it setup and recognized on my network for use as a media server to get files streamed or copied to my PS3.  In the beginning it would recognize the NAS drive as a media server with no associated software and would also recognize the Twonky media server that was also installed on the NAS.  About a month ago the PS3 started randomly not connecting with the drive or would connect and then lose the connection quickly causing dropouts and major annoyance.  But Twonky still recognized just fine, until tonight that is.  Now, I can't get that to recognize.  Now all the time every other device in the house has been able to see the NAS just fine and Twonky is giving no indication that it isn't running just fine, hell I used it last night to stream downloaded media content.  Now, nothing and nothing has changed in the last 12 hours.  The PS3 still dutifully recognizes the other NAS drive that I have on the network, but that's where I keep bulk, long term storage and not where I want to start transferring media to.  This is beyond frustrating, any suggestions?

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