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  1. My parents dropped off fresh peaches, so cobbler it was. Did a horrible job sprinkling cinnamon, didn't matter. It was great.
  2. If you want to go even more stretched out, Dan, I've got a spare 130mm stem.
  3. Once we get a confirmed working layout I can order a bunch and distribute as needed.
  4. Kevin, Pardon the stupid question - from a W/ch perspective, what are you projecting this thing to be capable of with the above-referenced power supply? My bubba math says something like 100W, Just looking to get an idea of heat sink requirements.
  5. It was a little heavy on the sale and pepper but other wise turned out good. I took the right 1/3 and turned it into burnt ends, those came out better. and "Super Smoke" mode on the Ironwood appears to do the job.
  6. Trying the next brisket experiment on the Traeger. It's a 4lb (trimmed) point so we'll see how this turns out compared to the flat that I did previously. It was a bit of a bizarre cut, I think that they actually cut the whole point off of the flat so the right hand side (as shown above) is pretty floppy and unsupported. I'll likely end up turning half of this or so into burnt ends to go along with some traditional brisket slices tonight for dinner.
  7. Happy Birthday, Todd! Thanks again for creating and continuing to host this madness.
  8. With a little luck I'll do the commute again on Friday.
  9. Today's commute back and forth to work. It was hot.
  10. How tall will it end up being? Reason I ask, CMU even when concrete filled has very little strength to resist backfill. And be especially cautious if there is any potential for the soil behind the wall to get saturated and retain water. They make little weep structures to allow water but not dirt to pass thru the wall and I'd advise that as well as adding some reinforcing to help give the wall a bit more strength if it's going up more than a course or two. NOTE - I'm not licensed to practice engineering in your jurisdiction so you should take all of that as informal, friendly advice. EDIT - nice work, I bet that was seriously back breaking.
  11. ^^ It's all relative, Dan. I've got a friend in town that routinely goes out and rips off 40+ mile rides at averages well over 20mph.
  12. Decided to ride to our vacation spot today. Didn't look at time/distance/speed once during the ride. Just rode at a pace that I thought would allow me to finish. An unexpected detour added about five and a half miles and an additional big hill or two but I survived, so no complaints.
  13. I've been continuing to train pretty hard this year and am now back to commuting to work on the bike. Had a nice tailwind on the way home today and was racing impending storms so I pushed hard.
  14. Aw frick, RIP Grant. Would not have guessed that he was older than me and yes, 49 is WAY too young.
  15. I'll keep my eye on things.
  16. He doesn't really need to worry about reading it. #shoveled
  17. Just a heads up - OBR has Bali Blue Krishna back in stock. I love the stuff.
  18. Happy Birthday!
  19. Happy belated Birthday! Work had me offline for most of the last 2 days so blame the government, we probably deserve it.
  20. This. All of this. I used to build my own power cables too, but mostly just for fun and I don't think I ever spent more than $20 or $30 in parts which still felt silly.
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