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  1. Given this week's news, maybe a short term buy of a used Model S?
  2. Brisket was much more tender than it looks.
  3. Got home from vacation very late last night/early this morning. Decided to enjoy the one nice day for the next several.
  4. Accidental consumerism, you've upped your game, Jeff.
  5. Happy birthday, Dr. Gilmore.
  6. RIP Shock - Sorry that you had to stop what you were doing, and can no longer ruin, the image the style that I'm used to.
  7. Yeah, I've been hearing rumors and seeing bits here and there about it but this is the first time I heard/read about an actual shut down. Maybe just as interesting is the line in there about Ford having to sell F150s without certain features/modules to conserve chips. Crazy days.
  8. https://www.motorious.com/articles/features-3/ford-mustang-production/ Could be a rough summer for folks looking to buy a car.
  9. Reverse sear dry-aged top sirloin.
  10. Effing amazing work, all around. I'm jealous, work has been so nuts I've had no time to tinker with anything.
  11. For those that don't know - https://www.datacenterdynamics.com/en/news/generator-fire-brings-down-webnx-data-center-in-utah/ Short version - power outage at the data center, backup generator kicks in and catches fire, fire suppression systemin triggered, lots of damage ensues. HC's server was amongst the most damaged and thankfully, in the end, was able to be repaired allowing for the site to be restored. Thanks to Todd for sticking with us for all these years.
  12. Love the color of that tile, Steve. If you end up with any extra pieces, please let me know.
  13. Run the Jewels - RTJ2 Today requires some full-rage hip hop.
  14. Opeth - Blackwater Park How is this album 20 years old (released March 2001)?
  15. I missed this while traveling. Fuck, fuck that sucks.
  16. Happiest of Birthdays, DOTU/Al/Voltron. From the East Coast to the West, I hope that the day finds you somewhere safe and sound, surrounded by as many things that you love as possible.
  17. That's a solid idea right there, he's good people and a member here @HiGHFLYiN9.
  18. How soon will you start shipping dressed lumber to smaller stick smashers?
  19. Jacob, Please don't send them in. That's a recipe for disaster and unrecoverable error. Patience sucks, but as you said, making a bad choice renders them worthless to you. They're not worthless now. Nate
  20. The stroke has clearly affected short term memory.
  21. ^^^ Was he shot by the laser?
  22. Looking forward to pics from both of you. That's quite the stack, Naaman, and those top two slabs on the left are pretty fricken epic.
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