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  1. A very happy birthday to you, my tall friend!
  2. I think 5th place might be my favorite: one just because of proboscis and two just because. But so many of them are seriously cool, thanks for sharing @dsavitsk.
  3. Rest in peace, Norm. Goddamnit he was funny.
  4. On a semi-serious note the inclusion of a 3x optical zoom lens on the Pro phones is actually interesting to be. I use the telephoto lens on my ancient XS Max all the dang time (just 2x) and more capability there coupled with the wide-angle side of things is great in my opinion. I'm edging closer to the idea that my phone really has replaced 99% of what I'd use a traditional SLR or mirrorless camera for but with kids and sports I keep creeping back towards the dark side...
  5. Is it a new iPhone? I bet it's a new iPhone. Did I get it right? I literally LOL'd at this.
  6. Hang in there California, hopefully not literally.
  7. It was a great day. Winds for the second half of the ride were a bit painful but we all made it and thanks largely to you guys, fundraising was another huge success.
  8. Last good, hard training ride in the books. I'll spin a few miles this week to keep the legs moving but I feel well equipped for the century.
  9. Last night's dinner - all homemade - lobster pie, reverse seared filet mignon, seasoned potatoes.
  10. No worries Brent and thanks to everyone that has supported this. The team is currently the fourth highest fundraisers having met our overall goal and the event itself is doing amazing. Training continues to go well although it was a light week this week with multiple work events and remnants of a hurricane pushing me indoors. Still, I'm feeling well prepared and will spend part of this weekend making sure the bike is good to go for next weekend.
  11. n_maher

    RMAF 2021

    My guess is that it's not cancelled forever but more than they're out of the ability to pay for staff to prepare for something they don't know when they'll get to do next. I mean what do you need a sales staff for when there's no event. What do you need logistics people for when there's no logic (ok, don't go there, I'm kidding). But I bet someone still owns all of the IP associated with the brand and if the world ever unfucks itself sufficiently there'll be a new RMAF. Related aside - i can't imagine how many industries/events were and are still hanging on to the hope that they will be able to do their thing this year and get back to a position of doing things and making money. How many promotion, production, catering, event rental businesses etc. have gone under or are on the brink? [/rant]
  12. Last day for matching funds, $26 from my goal.
  13. To the top - matching funds still in play and 74% of.the way to my goal.
  14. Continued pounding the pavement today and rode to work despite a little grumpiness from my right knee. Made great progress towards my funding goal this week, largely thanks to you guys.
  15. Working from home today, dealing with whatever is left in the fridge syndrome and happened upon what I believe to be a winner. Smoked pulled pork and eggs fried in bacon fat, eventually topped with cheese and some of the aforementioned bacon
  16. Nah, you guys are the best making me look like a fricken fundraising hero every year.
  17. Back to the front. Donations this week are matched up to $50k so please, donate if you can.
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