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  1. I listened to Dune this year and enjoyed it thoroughly. The sequel, no thank you. It was a total struggle and it'll be the last of the series that I bother with. In other news I (unsurprisingly) took @en480c4's recommendation and have now listened to Gideon the Ninth and Harrow the Ninth. The former is effing fantastic. The second was more difficult, for reasons I will not divulge (spoiler) but finished incredibly well and has me looking forward to the final book in the trilogy to see where the story goes. The audio books are highly recommended, the narration and narrator are brill
  2. I will eventually use this to smash sticks, in the woods. Project Carbon Hardtail officially kicking off. Now to find a deal on a fork.
  3. Very cool, Naaman, looking forward to seeing the progress.
  4. Sketch it up by hand, send me something dimensioned and I'll put it into CAD for you and/or send Naaman a vector file that he can cut out. It is not hard. The hurdle for a lot of folks is either a) the drawing side or b) the machining side. If I had more time to play with the machine I think I could get up to some serious fun but, well, life and all that.
  5. Smoked ribs, pulled port, and homemade mac&cheese for dinner.
  6. The locals pack them in quite nicely and yes, recent trends are that they ice up in several sections. I ended up finding a very lightly used set for $150 (vs. $200 per tire) so I grabbed those and I'll mount them up if it ever snows again. Currently I'm enjoying the heck out of the bike in mid-fat mode in weather that feels more like October than January. I have also further complicated the solution of the second bike by picking up another set of 27.5 wheels (again nearly new at less than half price) and appear to have found a frame to start building. Details once I actually have it on ha
  7. There are only a few things construction-wise that I can think of that could go wrong and impact sound: 1. Cables wired out of phase. I'd ohm out each of the pins to make sure this isn't the case and make sure you don't somehow have a crossed wire (literally) or a bridged joint. 2. Seriously poor joint on one (or more) of the connections. Same as #1, measure the resistance from one end to the other. They all should be near zero between matching pins and infinite between separate pins. 3. Unshielded, which might allow for the introduction of noise but I can't see how this wou
  8. @bhjazz - normally I'd say buy some good quality mic cable and fancy XLRs if you want and make your own, proper length cables. But: With shipping on the parts from Markertek you'd struggle to spend much less than these folks will build you a set for.
  9. I don't think you'll find anyone here advocating for spending north of a grand on interconnects. I'm also confused because you say your current cables use 4-pin Neutrik XLRs, you mean 3-pin right? But then suggest that you might consider replacing them with WBT ends - as far as I'm aware WBT doesn't make XLRs. And 5-7 meter RCA cables might be a bad idea. Before spending more, I'd recommend spending less on cables and seeing if it makes any difference.
  10. Happy Birthday, Grahame!
  11. Measure. Provide measurements to fellow idiot w/ CNC router and laser cutting tools.
  12. Why? For the chop saw? Every zero-clearance insert I've seen comes as a solid piece and you just run the blade thru. I feel confused.
  13. But the question is - what did you serve them on?
  14. Let me know if you want any laser cut or etched funness, that's what got me thinking about it. With the lining material being 1/4" typically there's a lot that can be done with the laser and it's not like charring the edges would be an undesirable effect in a box that houses things to be smoked.
  15. Hey @naamanf - A humidor might make a fun project for the CNC router and laser...
  16. Sunday night dinner - chicken enchiladas verdes - made with my chili verde recipe for the sauce and marinated chicken (in lime juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano). Pre-bake Time to eat
  17. We are not your Google. Read more, post less.
  18. Agreed and again, I appreciate you pointing it out to me. I did some more reading on the subject last night and came to the same conclusion. I'll stick to the approved materials list.
  19. Found a lightly used set of Nobby Nic 27.5x3.0 tires a few towns over so I snatched them up for 40% of the cost of one tire and got them mounted for a ride today. I'll still probably end up picking up a set of studded snow tires but for now, it's fun playing monster truck in the woods.
  20. Thanks for the heads up, thankfully, the unit is enclosed and runs an exhaust fan which I route outside. Still, I don't plan on lasering much of it.
  21. I keep making things I don't really need. While looking for a spare power supply around the abandoned office I happened upon several rolls of what I can only call, magnetic whiteboard tape. My brain immediately thought, hmmm, I wonder if the laser can engrave and cut this stuff? So, I brought a scrap home and loaded up my current favorite file. I present, RTJ fridge magnets.
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