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Sony Walkman A17

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It's a trip down memory lane: http://www.theverge.com/2014/9/3/6100385/move-over-neil-young-sony-is-making-a-walkman-for-audiophiles


Is the A17 some engineer's idea of an elaborate practical joke on the marketing department?


Once again, this applies: http://www.theonion.com/video/sony-releases-new-stupid-piece-of-shit-that-doesnt,14309/


P.S. fake marble > fake carbon fiber

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I just saw this on The Verge as well, I can't imagine this is going to sell well...



I think it will sell better than you think given its outstanding sound for its size. Those digital amp modules have proven to sound great on every iterations.  I have the Sony NW-ZX1 and it is a dream to use and sound stellar with my JH13pro.  However, it is a bit cumbersome given its size and weight.  I think the A17 will be an excellent alternative to player like the DX-90 & X5 for IEMs.  Plus you won't have to deal with frustrating UI from those companies.   

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This has proven to be a really good player given its size and features.  The sound signature is not as powerful and robust as the ZX1 and X1, but it is forgivable given its size, battery life, and storage.  It sounds really good with my JH13 and is a step up from my iPhone 5 in all areas.

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