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How not to build amps...


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This one came to an end this week as I finally got round to turning the amp on and testing it.  Busy summer and all that but here is what this should have been in the first place:



Old school KGSSHV build only using the input sockets on the back, that swanky gold IEC and the volume control.  The rest was all garbage... 

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First time poster. Happy to report that this beauty is now on its way to its new home in Melbourne.

Happy to find head-case via this purchase. I am relatively new to estats, but not to headphones. I've been mostly avoiding HF over the last few years and mostly posting about audio in a small closed facebook group - happy to find this place which shares my low tolerance of shilling culture.

The amp will replace/sideline my current stock SRM-313. I might hang on to it, in case I ever get something with normal bias.

In terms of headphones, the KGSSHV will feed my L700 and the Koss/Drop estat.

Cheers everyone. I've been having fun reading through older threads, especially the critiques of poor quality hyped up products.

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