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  1. bk version sounds similar to the standard SR-009, maybe a little bit more distant and tighter bass due to the new thicker earpads.
  2. I have made a t8k input stage board for my bh,with a little bit tweaking,they've been working for 4 months,and T2 input stage can work fine as well. ?
  3. chinese bhse from taobao jr audio。。。
  4. rare and expensive audio equipments are popular in china and people are willing to own a machine like singlepower as their audio collection,and I'm sure vertek now is ready for the copy of headamp's bhse.
  5. the jr audio on taobao? i know you,you're a fan of spritzer.
  6. ‘FOTM’,what's the meaning of that?
  7. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:_8k5_bjQSfUJ:stax.xsrv.jp/products/sr-009s/+&cd=13&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=hu SR-009s
  8. I try 02N120P as output fets,this time fr(-3db) can run up to 74Khz,and (-6db) about 114Khz. circuit works much better now.
  9. it's good to see more es amp designs. The thd+n is really low about 0.005% fr(-3db)only reach about 11.6Khz and -6db at 19.9Khz from multisim ac analysis when gain is set at 46db,higher the gain the lower fr will be,not sure the circuit works properly ,btw it's easy to run kgsshv fr(-3db)over 110khz or even higher,and 2nd harmonic distortion of -79db and 3rd harmonic distortion of -61db at 1Khz
  10. rumor from edifier dealer said that sr-009s is ready to launch
  11. Kung

    Sennheiser HE-1

    yup,T8000 is another 727 like amp,still haven't enough power.
  12. I see Carbon removed the output buffer stage from KGSS ,So... for es amp,is the output impedance no longer important ?
  13. white pcb,looks cool... oh,does it have enough gain for the es amp? Perhaps,they have no need of nfb,do no negative feedback amplifiers sound better than those with negative feedback?
  14. Like many tricks in HiFi area,people are willing to believe expensive caps、wires、fuse、rhodium-plated sockets etc. can make sound euphonious,some companies are to modify their crap stuff with high-priced materials and price the product at the much higher level to make people to think they are sound better. "tone tuning",this is the word that I hear those people say most. I often hear they say : bhse is tuned for 007 not for 009 ,carbon has too much bass ,gg and megatron are tuned for listening vocals,kgss is more "analytical" than musical... I've built bh/carbon/gg/mega,to me,they're all great amps in the same class.
  15. Software like dsp algorithm ?
  16. Kung

    SRL300 Limited

    Some rumours from chinese edifier dealer say stax will release 009 and T8000 successor at the end of this year,hoping they are not just black chassis with gold-plated plaque.
  17. https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.1-c.w4004-2626060199.15.78a718fbmKNLgN&id=564191086393 Here's the LL clone with kgst power supply,the board looks quiet the same as one of the spritzer's LL mod in this thread ,and LAu clone are not ready for sale,but i've received picture of the sample.
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