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  1. it seems very odd,do you mean that the sound of 007 is different after 717 modification? for all I know,only 727 negative feedback modification, never heard of 717's(CCS mod?),717 is pretty a kgss and should be no problem driving 007. Providing headphone frequency response or some amplifier tests should make it easy to find the cause of the problem.😶
  2. Here are more pictures of PCBs that may be an early version. They look identical in terms of layout.
  3. I saw a portable estat amplifier on a Chinese e-commerce platform and it looks very similar to kevin's amplifier, Is this the commercial version ?
  4. From the picture you posted, there are some flocs have been inserted into the driver house,yea, it is more difficult to clean up for the mesh stator...😬
  5. hell,so far as I know,tokyofansile is a japanese distributor of JR Audio on taobao,JR Audio has built many clone version of spritzer amplifiers and shipped them to japan,vietnam and thailand🙄
  6. bk version sounds similar to the standard SR-009, maybe a little bit more distant and tighter bass due to the new thicker earpads.
  7. I have made a t8k input stage board for my bh,with a little bit tweaking,they've been working for 4 months,and T2 input stage can work fine as well. ?
  8. chinese bhse from taobao jr audio。。。
  9. rare and expensive audio equipments are popular in china and people are willing to own a machine like singlepower as their audio collection,and I'm sure vertek now is ready for the copy of headamp's bhse.
  10. the jr audio on taobao? i know you,you're a fan of spritzer.
  11. ‘FOTM’,what's the meaning of that?
  12. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:_8k5_bjQSfUJ:stax.xsrv.jp/products/sr-009s/+&cd=13&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=hu SR-009s
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