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  1. from the picture above, the driver of X1 seems to be slightly larger than that of sr-x. I remember that sr-x has a 51mm diaphragm, while X1 may have 60mm or so ?
  2. great job, only here in the world can see such wonderful reviews of electrostatic amp
  3. damn, 2400x the gain, that must be loud enough to explode... there are audiophiles who judge the power of the amplifier by the position of the potentiometer knob, i guess ray samuels should have a good knowledge of this.
  4. Don't know if it's true, the rumor from the dealer of rudistor in Shanghai said that the designer passed away a few years ago🙄, and they still have some unsold rudi amps in stock...
  5. Still haven't heard viva stx, however, stx seems to be marketed as an amplifier that perfectly matches the x9000 in china. btw~The actual selling price is about $10000 not $32k, those products are always sold well below their list price.
  6. From warwick official website, I think their aperio has a high voltage bias (1800Vdc) driver, which is much higher than the 1350Vdc of their lower models. it means that the output voltage of the amplifier no longer needs to be as high as the traditional electrostatic system, therefore does not require too much power and heat dissipation. In addition, for the built-in amplifier of HE1, I guess it may be the cool-mosfet version with reduced gain of the hev70 vas since Sennheiser applied for a patent(DE4329991A1) similar to the design of the HE1 in 1993. I heard HE1 once at the exhibition, and I also think that the potentiometer should be set to the position of about 2-3 o’clock to get loud enough, indicating the input sensitivity voltage can be a bit high based on the two-stage amplifier's gain setting being too low...🤷‍♂️
  7. I predict that some people will say that true endgame headphones are all musical instruments... oh~ i see yamaha's marketing is indeed working hard in this direction though...🤷‍♂️
  8. Yep, ASR's evaluation is just based entirely on measurements... My source told me that topping has also designed a discrete component version of electrostatic amp to drive estats directly, ap show that its specs far exceed any known electrostatic amps, and it will be on the market sometime in the future. . .🤷‍♂️
  9. Ray samuels the old friend of stax mafia just released a new amplifier B-21, the electrostatic part claimed 1800Vpp voltage swing with 200mA continuous current output performance just shocked me. . . Reminds me of the horribly weak output performance of the A10 he designed before, this new amp is also questionable...
  10. it is topping a90d amplifier driving step-up transformers,just get confirmed by manufacturer.
  11. From topping's previous amplifier products, the EHA5 normal amplifier section is likely to be a composite amplifier, just like the amplifiers of jds atom and benchmark things. The common practice is to combine a precision opamp1 with a higher idle current opamp2 which has a specified closed-loop gain. opamp2 is placed inside the feedback loop of opamp1, which is the "feed forward technology" claimed by some manufacturers. In fact, it introduces a huge amount of feedback, the distortion test is usually lower than what the manufacturer's specs , but I don't know whether it can drive the transformer to output such low distortion though...never tried before 😟
  12. Just look at the back of the Korea amp, it's almost identical to the stax t8000, even including the line4 input that never came out on the market , that's hilarious 😅 Is this just a change of box for t8000 ,or is it some kind of modification for the t8000 (e.g. load resistor changed to CCS load) with a new box?
  13. have no idea, since no more detailed schematics were provided,the most likely one is that the plate is connected to the transformer, the center tap of the secondary winding is grounded ,then it can output signal with opposite phases to headphones
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