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Self designed Headphone Stand

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Hello all! I am an engineer and a big fan of perfect audio, especially on my headphones. Some time ago, I bought the AKG k612 headphones and I love them. Perfect and clean audio, very open scene and the design! Worth every $ I spent on it. However, the one problem I found is that I am concerned about the headbands distortion, when not using it and hanging on headphone hanger. That's why (as an engineer) I started thinking of the solution, how to store my k612 and be calm about headbands. I've made my headphone stand (so I don't need to hang k612) and I want to share it with the world. However I would like to meet the premium look of the k612, it is quite challenging though!

Now I am ready to show headphone stands created by me.
Would You put one in Your room?



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