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Second Brains

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Horrible as their sometimes use may be, after reading this pretty critical article I kinda want to try out "Second Brain" apps/services. Anyone try and have an opinion of NotionObsidian, Mem, or other? I'll likely dive in all three, but thought I'd use the collective first. I've gone years using some older software like DEVONthink, The Brain, and even Yojimbo, but generally they've been slow to move to the cloud, so I've dropped all along the way for more primitive organization.  

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I knew of an ex-colleague who used to praise Notion, he had some templates he had used for things both personal and work-related.  Can't remember much, but his kids' activities came to mind as one of the templates.

Know nothing else about it or the others, though.....interesting article, and almost makes me want to try one out myself!

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