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  1. I know you're travelling, but hope the day and/or celebration is great!!!
  2. Damn, sorry to hear that Jeff; on top of the COVID & team building crap.....RIP Sharon......
  3. Can't help it, every time I hear this (great) song, I now think of this meme:
  4. Some fun memories rehashed here!! Old Sci-Fi grooviness! BTW, I agree with you Steve, those concave Focal Tweeters on earlier Wilson speakers were way too bright. Even after they went with some dome tweeters, they made a move to metal dome and it screwed up the sound again. Now they are back to fabric dome, sounds much better. But still not worth the $. Focal has kept the concave tweeter, but they have improved the hell out of it IMO....
  5. Funny from Fb today
  6. Gram'erca - fuck yeah! Congrats to you and Joanne!
  7. An awesome and wonderful tribute....those are the memories to treasure.....
  8. Glad for a good service....memories are a blessing, keep them close and always remember the good.
  9. Lovely ep/small album, by ex-lead singer of Sixpence None The Richer, Leigh Nash. Does a nice version of "Kiss Me" on this. She's playing locally this weekend, may go see her as well as long I test negative; venue has good vaccination and mask policies. Also, her web site has a background pic of her in water, and the water moves a bit; kinda neat.... https://www.leighnash.net/
  10. Where I grew up we had a well-know marketplace, Penni's....as you might imagine one of the N's was stolen a bit regularly. Sadly there was a fire in the 90's and it is no more.
  11. Congrats to both of you, Shelly and Yumi! House looks awesome indeed....LOVE the views! Safe travels to Steve. And Jim, welcome to New England! How does it feel to not pay Sales Tax buying in NH?
  12. Very fun, and quite the talent.....!
  13. Up in Maine for the long weekend, after some quick but heavy rains got a nice view (our neighbor's place is basically the same as ours).
  14. Propaganda is one of my all-time favorites. I'm also enjoying xPropaganda for what it is, but it still pales in comparison to A Secret Wish. There is some similarity in sound but to me it's more like some of Claudia Brucken solo work mixed with a dose of the original Propaganda. A fair bit on unspoken controversy around the original band, from the mid-80's through multiple attempts at reunions. Even now....Ralf Dorper is a member of the FB group for them, and occasionally pops in with some truths, that weren't "installed by the machine." I really wish they all got along and stayed together, always wonder what could have been.....
  15. Man, bad day, RIP Ray and Andrew....and then RIP Alan White from Yes.....
  16. Oddly enough, my favorite bagels came from Fairlawn NJ. My in-laws lived in Northern Jersey (Glen Rock, near Paramus) for ~50 years. When we'd visit we'd often go into NYC but a place closer to them was my favorite. Hot Bagels on Saddle River Drive in Fairlawn.....my brain is doing a Homer Simpson sound just thinking of it.... My sister- and brother-in-law live on Long Island and when they come up my wife gets an order from Bagel Boss for her to bring up. Also very good, but my memory of the Fairlawn place eclipses all....
  17. Of course nothing will be done, except maybe "arm the teachers" more....
  18. What...."Realtek High Definition Audio" doesn't do it for you? 😄
  19. I find it amusing that no one is questioning the fact that someone made a life-size moose out of chocolate....just the TYPE of chocolate used! 'Murca....fuckin' moose, yeah!
  20. Saw in FB today, the same message I've seen many times but liked the meme better.
  21. I'd agree with Ian, but would bump up both RAM and maybe video memory. A couple of folks on my team doing Data Science got Dell Latitudes with 32G RAM and I think 6G NVidia video memory. The Dell - both Precision and Latitude, though Precision may have better keyboard - and Lenovo laptops would be my recommendations as well.... And she should be prepared for driver updates, another thing (HW and driver stability) Apple has over PC's....
  22. We're up in Maine for our anniversary and had to stop to see one of the local celebrities....
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