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  1. Sorry to you and family Craig! 18 1/2 years is a great run, thank you for taking such great care of her.
  2. Happy Birthday....US time 🙂
  3. McVities Chocoloate-covered....my wife LOVES them!
  4. One of my best friends (Steve) came over from Cornwall England around 1978 or 1979, and with him brought The Jam's music to me and our mutual friends. Got to see them in 1980, great show; it was broadcast on a local radio station, and it included said Brit friend being recorded for a post-concert interview as we left the venue! Other great story is in 1977: for my Bar-Mitzvah party the DJ was playing pretty much disco, but everyone who attended got a promotional single by this group we had never heard of called The Jam. A promo copy of their first single, In The City, but with a stereo/mono version for side A/B. Steve pretty much flipped when he saw this, and we called a bunch of folks trying to find copies for him. I still have my copy....
  5. I will check that out, just for the varied musicians involved! I have never seen Rat Scabies of the Damned do something like this..... And Bootsy Collins too.....?
  6. RIP, a great one is lost.....
  7. I told Karen that I watched Protégé the other night. When she asked what it was about, I told her a Single Black Man takes in an orphaned Asian Girl and teaches her his trade. She ends up in a love/hate relationship with potentially sad outcomes. She got upset at this, "Why didn't you wait for me so we could see it together?' "Well....the man was Samuel L Jackson, he is an assassin, and the woman becomes one too. They both kill a lot of people and she finds the toughest challenge of her life is another assassin/bad guy, who she has some feelings for. Y'know, I COULD watch it again if you'd REALLY like to see it...." [silence]
  8. My favorite band..... And an alt version of the cover I like
  9. Thought this deserved to go in this forum....funny FB post I saw yesterday.
  10. RIP Charlie.....was always a "mild" fan of the Stones, but what they have achieved is just incredible!
  11. Where's Jello Biafra when you need him? 😄
  12. RIP Sonny Chiba.....no more Hanzo Steel..... https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/movies/2021/08/19/sonny-chiba-japanese-martial-arts-film-star-kill-bill-dies-82/8206242002/?fbclid=IwAR0hHK8KQ0aifA9KHTi_0fovEWSzT0bkfaYWw4rBj_ySz3CsFWhbjGKKPfo
  13. Angel Olsen's new ep of electro-drone covers of 80's songs. I like it.....
  14. She's very good, have been lucky to see her live twice: once opening for Neko Case, and again as part of Case-Lang-Veirs with aforementioned Neko and Lang as in k.d. WONDERFUL show that was!
  15. Glad it was an easy turnaround.....sorry you had to even go through it though..... Been there done that - several times - with a credit card. Also an easy dispute and replace process, but still some PITA.
  16. RIP Tony Esposito, great NHL Goalie.....he and his brother Phil were a dynamic duo (on different teams) throughout the 70's.... And....fuck cancer (pancreatic in this case)
  17. RIP Markie....and I didn't realize we lost another Night Court cast member (to "cardiac arrest and cancer") in July, Charles Robinson....he played Mac, the court Clerk.... RIP to both, and fuck cancer royally!
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