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  1. I used to call one of my cats Tawny Kitten when he was young....wife never understood why, I just explained it today. RIP Tawny....
  2. Funny pic from FB today, keep chuckling when I see it.....
  3. Yup....still got mine, and they lasted through my son's childhood for the road trips where he would watch movies.
  4. Interesting.....I can't help but be a pessimist on this, but I guess the "wait and see" attitude needs to apply.
  5. RIP to Daniel Kaminsky, security guru who basically saved the internet.....and fuck diabetes! https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/27/technology/daniel-kaminsky-dead.html
  6. Nice finish! Those look like they may be bigger brothers to the Philharmonic BMR's I have, which use 1 BMR midrange with a ribbon tweeter.....
  7. Experienced a bit of normal today....met son Andrew and his girlfriend Amy at an outdoor-seating Bertucci's for lunch, and then visited the new (4,000+ sq ft) home of some family - niece on my wife's side, her husband and their slightly new baby. Was so wonderful to see everyone, and the new house is fucking amazing!
  8. ^^ they are a fun and usually good-sounding listen overall! I was selling some speakers a few months ago and used some of their songs (Coffee was a big hit) to help make the sale.....
  9. AGD The Audion Mk 2 "GaNTube" amp. Clever ( ? ) use of GaN amp board inside a tube structure, with up to 170 watts into 4 ohms. Neat design, and I have a pair of mono GaN amps ($1500/pr) that likely sound just as good; so not sure it's worth the money to have it look like a tube amp..... Third picture is the old vs. new version of the GaNTube.
  10. Happy Birthday!!! Hope it is a great one....
  11. Oh, my....the Viking Acoustic Gottenburg. Has a 32" woofer in the back! BTW I heard of this because I'm buying something from a gent who has its baby brother, the Grande Voix, with a smaller 18" woofer....
  12. I recommend Keith the Cockroach, he specializes in bass (he has German roots so I hear)
  13. Nice Spring day, Karen and I went out for some shopping and just to see sites. Stopped at a wonderful Italian place in Southern NH called Tuscan Market (and Tuscan Kitchen restaurant right next door). Got perhaps THE best Italian panini I've ever had. That and some great cold brew coffee, sitting outside in the parking lot with my sweet, made for a very nice time.
  14. If my wife wouldn't kill me, I would have a bunch of relatively weird/tasteless things like that in my house!
  15. Happy Birthday Al!!
  16. RIP Sabine, and fuck cancer! RIP also to Dick Hoyt, somewhat famous in New England for running the Boston marathon and other races pushing his wheelchair-bound son. https://www.necn.com/news/sports/one-of-a-kind-boston-marathon-legend-dick-hoyt-dies/2428119/
  17. RIP Mr. Kotto. I remember several of his roles....and interesting note in that article, I never realized he turned down the role of Capt. Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation!
  18. This....I remember the Hearns fight in the mid-80's, one of the best ever.....and I also am on the "he got ripped off" train for the Leonard fight (as good as Leonard was).
  19. So very interesting! The name was barely recognizable to me, but what a fascinating article and person!
  20. One of my favorite New Order (Joy Division) songs. Covered nicely by Radiohead as well.....now by original JD bassist Peter Hook, his son, and Smashing Pumpkin guitarist.
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