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  1. RIP Louise! One of my FB friends said this: "One of the greatest characters in one of the best films ever made." I'm inclined to agree...
  2. Happy Birthday Jim! Are you a hippie yet? 😄
  3. ^^ Nick Cave and Warren Ellis soundtrack..... How do you like it?
  4. They are such beautiful things! I saw some great ones year ago, Karen and I went to a wedding in Skaneateles NY; they had a Wooden Craft show in town that weekend...some beauties there, even down to some awesome hand-crafted canoes and more.
  5. Love her too....amazing talent, and powerful voice. Her version of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" eclipses Roberta Flack's by a good margin for me, and that version was already fantastic. On a side note, amazing that the song was written by Ewan MacColl, amazing himself, and father to the ever-lovely Kirsty MacColl (RIP).
  6. Going on a "industrial guitar" binge....been a while since listened to Peter Brötzmann's son....
  7. Wow....I have never seen that movie (and maybe it's a good thing; but I like Heather as well). My favorite Heather movie isn't actually Austin Powers, but instead a little no-name called Gray Matters. A light fun romp, not super deep but I managed to like just about all the characters.
  8. So my local dealer some time ago had one of these and had a long listening session using the same set of CD's in pairs, one un-treated and one treated in front of us. We never saw which CD's he would put in first but there were 6 of us that picked out the shaved CD's with almost 80% consistency. We DID think there was something better to the sound..... Not truly scientific and true A/B testing, but we were very pleasantly surprised. The dealer offered to shave/treat CD's that anyone brought (I didn't) that night, and the 4 folks that DID bring them all took advantage.
  9. Not sure how it is seen in the UK, but I know some here see it as the end of an era. To many, her death was the end of a generation with class and dignity. Starting now with Prince King Charles, it is a family with many issues, scandals, etc. It also helps take away focus from the shit-show currently going on otherwise I'd bet....
  10. Ugh..... RIP to a legendary lady.
  11. Fuck, that's awful to hear Steve....deepest condolences..... RIP Shaun, way too young, and fuck cancer badly!
  12. I used to travel to Dallas for work, and stay in Irving or Las Colinas (not too far outside Dallas city limits). Actually kind of liked to visit....don't think I'd want to ever live there. Been many years though.....
  13. I was a bit of an experimenter in college....having done bongs or water pipes with various alcohols in the past, I tried some additional things my junior year. In the end, my water pipe was filled most of one semester with Nyquil believe it or not. Might explain why I am the way I am now 😄 And a few FB funnies I saw recently....
  14. Ran a bit around this weekend, started up in our condo in Maine then ended up visiting both my mom and dad (long divorced) today for their birthdays. Mom's was last week but there was a nasty thunderstorm so she actually told us to reschedule. Loved seeing both of them and other family, and ate like a pig at a brunch for my dad; but this time the best moment came at a Flea Market near our Maine condo, where I saw an awesome Killer Klown bong....too bad it was so pricey (close to $250). The seller and I had a blast talking about the "good ol' days" of smoking.
  15. Very nice! I was searching for a good word to describe and "refreshing" kept coming to mind.....
  16. Diamanda Galas - Broken Gargoyles. She is at her avant-garde horror screech-opera best, hasn't seemingly lost anything from years past. EDIT: this is so fucking freaky! 😄 Let's just call it an acquired taste.....
  17. Happy Birthday.....wherever you may be!
  18. Goodness me, a nice little surprise: Clare Grogan (Altered Images) came out with a new album! Saw in her interview, "....37 years since the last one...I know I'm rushing things a bit..." Typical pop, more like their later years before they originally broke up.... Her voice still has that cuteness to it, and it's fun & different to hear because she has quite the thick Scottish accent when she normally speaks....
  19. RIP to what seems like two very good men.....sorry for you and all his (their) family and friends, Brent.
  20. Woot! Best 'o' luck attaining your dreams!
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