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  1. 'Appy Birthday!! Hope all is just tickety-boo!
  2. RIP Pat....not even being a DIY'er I knew of him....indeed a fount of knowledge from all I'd heard....
  3. RIP Tommy....was literally wondering how he was, after seeing the cameo (on the Police Squad post I made)
  4. ^^ I almost bought a pair of those some months ago....
  5. As an older male I can appreciate her acting and she played the role VERY well. As a younger male (at the time) I still loved Carolyn Jones 😊 (and I thought she played the role well, too)
  6. Relax and chill..... It's usually best to browse a forum when you join, to get a good feel for things. We are WAY more than a headphone site, indeed to the point above that we're NOT really a headphone site at this point. This is an eclectic group of great people that have many interests and personalities. We don't need lessons in forum and hobby lifecycles, coming in here and preaching that will not endear you, especially with the passive-aggressive "You can do whatever you want though" conclusion. If you truly want to find out about headphones, there are other sites that wil
  7. About equal viewing for me, liked them both. But I LOVED Carolyn Jones....!
  8. I'm sure it will not be that good (the beer base), but I like the intent https://www.delish.com/food-news/a34679276/waffle-house-bacon-infused-beer/
  9. Hope you get to 100% soon! Sometimes my stomach/system just reacts differently on different days, to the same thing I've had many times before.....hope it's nothing worse than that.
  10. A cover of a song by my favorite band (The Chameleons UK). Not the best song IMO to cover, but still the fact that it was done by someone else I like is pretty darn cool....
  11. Happy happy, joy joy! Wishing all good things for the world!!!!
  12. Another Mary Ann over Ginger fan here. RIP Dawn, you were a stunning woman all through life.
  13. Made our way up to Maine, last trip of the year before we close our condo down. My son and his girlfriend spent over a week up here. After COVID restrictions at school, and then not co-mingling once they got home, it was a great break for them. Time together/alone, very little to do. Was happy they got that time. Stopped at one of Maine's more famous lighthouses on the way up, Nubble. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!
  14. RIP Leslie and Stella. Still remember growing up with my brother blasting (among many other songs) Mississippi Queen in his room.....
  15. A few recent funnies (or things that can make you angry) from FB....the last one looks something like Melania Trump 😄
  16. Tab "Hunter." I brought him to the vet because he had a nasty cough, almost like whooping cough. We got the devastating news that he has lung cancer, and it could be as little as one week left. Four months later (!) still has the cough, and spits up sometimes because of it. But he loves being with me, purrs up a storm when being pet or brushed, eats and drinks regularly, etc. Is definitely breathing shallower and faster, and pretty much sleeps a lot when not hanging with me. But still great company, and he hasn't told us it's time yet.
  17. skullguise


    25% off at HDTracks.com with coupon code StorewideVIP25 Also, a free sampler download: https://www.hdtracks.com/#/album/5e3a2cddf16d7d09b9855526
  18. RIP Tim de Paravicini, another audio legend.....and fuck cancer! https://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/tim-de-paravicini/
  19. Happy Birthday! Come and say hi now and then....
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