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  1. Oh nooooo! Oh well, look at the bright side - maybe this time it will stay broken long enough for somebody to find the parted connection. It sounded great at Mike's -Carl
  2. I imagine you could make a more or less perfectly performing headphone mimic a lesser one. But if you had a more or less perfectly performing headphone, why would you............. -Carl
  3. C.J., I'm sorry to hear about your woes with FedEx. It's really frustrating when stuff that should be simple conspires to put stress in a hobby that's all about relaxation. I few weeks ago, UPS mashed up an enlarger that was being sent to me. I let it upset me and I shouldn't have. Sometime you've just got to roll with it. At work, we discovered this week that FedEx had delivered a giant Pelican case full of our body armor and helmets to a random house in Miami. It's $8 or 10 K worth of gear, so we're sweating it. But the thing is, what did the people who got the package by mistake think when they opened it? ;-) We should make a pilgrimage to HighLife's restaurant one day soon. -Carl ... gotta dig up an avatar somewhere.....
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