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  1. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Note to self...when the home depot guy tells you to buy knee pads, you should buy knee pads. Installing tile takes forever...doug/steve, any recommendations for speeding up the leveling process? Or is that something I should take my time on?
  2. Sony TA-ZH1ES

    What TMoney said. I haven't heard the jh16s sound better than with Doug's amp. I am glad I was able to weather the financial storms in the past and didn't have to sell it after all. I enjoy it for a few hours every day in my office.
  3. HDTV Suggestions

    I have a $2000 allowance from Julie for toys for the new place with a few restrictions. Speakers need to be in wall/in ceiling. So far I've narrowed my search down to the new elac in wall versions of the B6 for the left and right channel, an in wall center and considering the new angles in ceiling speakers for dolby atmos. We do not intend on purchasing bluray discs or a player. 100% streaming on Hulu/netflix/amazon prime. Is the atmos in ceiling worth the $500 it would cost? There's not a whole lot of media that has those channels NOW but that seems to be the direction things are going in. The place is also completely empty while we re do the tile/paint etc so it's probably the only time this is going to happen. Would you all recommend the in ceiling angled speakers or save the 500 and put it towards a better receiver? I've never owned one so don't know if the room correction features actually do work or if they are just marketing lingo. The wall things are going on is 8' wide but due to the placement of the metal studs in the wall, there is only a few inches worth of wiggle room for the tv to be mounted and the speakers to be placed. I do have to take the wall down to put in some horizontal wood beams so the wall mount for the tv is not just hung on the drywall with toggle bolts. I've already planned conduits for speaker cables, hdmi cables, cat 6, random av cables etc. Anything else I should be aware of or plan ahead for while I have the wall open to put in the wood beams? I do have some soundproofing underlayment available from redoing the floors - would there be any benefit to adding this towards the attic on the walls the speakers are going in to prevent the sound from going into the attic/to other rooms?
  4. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Spent all day today taking out tile with a jackhammer and removing popcorn ceiling. It looked so easy on YouTube . The tiles look great Doug, Steve. It is hard work. The lady on the second floor came up 5 minutes after I started and demanded to see the approval letter from the HOA. I showed it to her. She ripped it up and said I needed to go back and get another one. Then proceeded to ask me for identification and proof of citizenship. I told her to go buzz off. Police arrived. I told them what happened and showed them the ripped up letter. They told me to go back to taking up the tile. The next door neighbors arrived around 9pm and said she is a nightmare to deal with but her brother is the HOA treasurer so she gets away with this bullshit. Jackhammering shall resume promptly at 6am tomorrow. Next door neighbors left for the day and she is the only one on the floor below.
  5. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Did a final walkthrough of the apartment Julie and I are purchasing. No damage from Irma. Everything is a go for closing tomorrow.
  6. Equifax Data Breach affects 143 milion people!

    mint.com. "free" credit score every month.
  7. Equifax Data Breach affects 143 milion people!

    Someone opened 2 credit cards in my name at chase. Hooray...
  8. Hurricanes and Stuff

    I am at the hospital. Neighbor's tree fell on my parent's home. Julie has no power at her place. Everyone is safe, thankfully. Hoping for no more damage. Stay safe everyone else.
  9. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Was pleasantly surprised to find out I was the only hire given an office (corner one to boot) to myself. Other folks were given larger rooms with better views but have to share the space with other new professors. Between all the meetings over the last 6 days, I finally had a chance to sit in a room that was a real office of my own - I had one in grad school but that doesn't really count. I get to have business cards with my name on them. I get to have my name next to the door outside. As silly as it sounds, it was those things I secretly have been chasing and wishing for all my life. Today, I officially started/continued my journey in academia as an associate professor of mathematics and an assistant professor of medicine as a dual appointment. My work schedule for the fall semester is close to 100+ hours a week between all the obligations but man am I looking forward to it all. Can't remember the last time I was ever this excited. I'm beyond exhausted from moving into the new space in 96 F weather but I'm happy. Today was a good day. Even my mom asking when I was going to get an MBA didn't ruin my mood I think I'm done with school. At least for a little while.
  10. And now what did you do TODAY?

    HOLY SHIT! Where have you been dude? It's been a long time...welcome back The inspection today went without a hitch. The report points out things so minor that they were included as issues since there really weren't any. In an even more pleasant surprise, my parents very generously offered to loan us an extremely large sum of money so that we could avoid the hassles of going through a mortgage and just buy the condo outright. By some very conservative measures we should be able to pay them back in about 2.5 years which not only saves us a lot of money in closing costs but more importantly saves me the time and headache of telling the bank where a $24 deposit came from 3 months ago. The downside it that we are about 8-10k short of the contract price between our salaries before the closing date, all the cash we have saved up and what my parents are offering. Now comes the fun part of flipping over cushions to find change and hoping for a lot more cushions than we have.
  11. And now what did you do TODAY?

    It pays to be patient with such things. At least in my case it did...good luck with the next one Our offer on an apartment was accepted and a signed contract was returned earlier today. Now comes the process of applying for the mortgage which I am really really looking forward to...Have already had three different loan officers try to pull the "this math is very hard - let's move on" card. They didn't like their inaccuracies creative liberties being pointed out.
  12. And now what did you do TODAY?

    5600 hours/16 hours per day ~ 350 days. The E6 came out around this time last year so it was likely in that spot on their wall since then.
  13. And now what did you do TODAY?

    I ran the random pattern over night to no betterment. The tv was run on loop for 5600 hours on the floor. The image was pretty well "retained." It was bad enough that the manager and the floor sales guy both apologized for not catching it before the sale.
  14. And now what did you do TODAY?

    The LG E6 purchase did not go as planned. While a great deal, it was on a floor model and when we brought it home, it had some really nasty burn in/image retention. Went back to Best Buy and spoke with the manager who very kindly offered a heavy discount on a new in box B7. Just set it up and it is quite nice Happy again.
  15. Taboo

    Just finished the season. Can't wait for the next one! "I have a use for you..." Almost hear the tiniest bit of Bane when he says that.