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  1. Tom Clancy's ghost recon wildlands free

    I'll pm it to you tomorrow Mr Ken.
  2. Tom Clancy's ghost recon wildlands free

    Purchased another mic. Got a code for the game included with the mic. Free to the first person that pm's me. Instructions on the back say windows only.
  3. Ye Macce Threade

    Is a hackintosh on the table? Best bang for buck I've found. I can still use osx without paying Apple prices. Doesn't work out of the box or as seamlessly as an actual apple product but saves a considerable amount of money. I am running one from 4 years ago and it still runs like a champ. The processor (i7 - 4770) is starting to show its age while encoding videos but more or less it is still quite good. I doubt I would get a significant boost for an insignificant increase in cost.
  4. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Flew in to San Francisco for my sister's pa school white coat ceremony at Berkeley. Flying out tomorrow. She has worked extremely hard and was given the academic award for having the highest gpa in didactics. Extremely proud of her. Wish I had more time. The city looks great fun.
  5. Amp for very specific listening needs...

    Yup. Exactly what I was going to say.
  6. Amp for very specific listening needs...

    I had indeed gone through some financially troubling times and was trying to raise money for something else when the amp Doug had built for me was on the chopping block but I am glad I was not able to sell it. My requirements were very similar to yours and I was elated with what Doug sent me. I perhaps had the opposite issue - my hearing is/was too sensitive. I heard the noise/hiss from the equipment in the background even at low volumes. I tried the pico slim as well but still had that pervasive hiss in the background. I think for anyone who doesn't have the absurd ears I do, it would make for a great amp. My personal experience with Doug leads me to make the same suggestion purk made - convince Doug to make you something. I gave him my requirements and he came up with the gorgeous looking piece of kit and works better than it looks.
  7. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Was turning left on a green light when a lady driving a huge SUV hit me square on the driver side. Jumped out of her car and yelled, " oh my god! I didn't know there was a light there. I didn't see it!" Paramedics and police arrived and her story changed to "he jumped a red light." 3 police officers couldn't find any witnesses but out of nowhere someone yelled, "whatever the lady is saying is correct." Apparently, this was enough for the crash investigator to determine that I was the one at fault and gave me 2 tickets. My few month old Civic is likely totaled. The lady is/was visiting from Puerto Rico, driving a rental car without any identification and denied having a cell phone even though she was the first one to call 911...The police crash report only has her address in PR on it with no other information. I am not sure how the Police just let her off the hook and blamed everything on me. There are two cameras pointed straight at the intersection but the police department says they are only for determining light cycles. When I asked them why the lights need a camera if they are on a timer, I have been hung up on twice after essentially being threatened to drop the matter and just pay the fine if I don't want things to get worse. Fuck Florida.
  8. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Built ikea furniture. Installed this by myself today. Was a royal pain in the ass. Metal studs and toggle bolts are no fun. Came out looking quite nice though. Finished tile and paint on the place a while back. Thought about doing the kitchen next but thankfully time and money have both run out. The tv mounts go up tomorrow. Everything needs to be done by the end of the month as Julie and the kids need to be able to move in there might need to hire someone to help for the next couple of days.
  9. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Congratulations Mr. Reks.
  10. HDTV Suggestions

    3 channel system for the bedroom. 3 channel system for the living room. Floorstanders go in the bedroom first. If they don't perform well there, then they go to the living room.
  11. HDTV Suggestions

    Ended up just ordering a pair of the unifi uf5's (floorstanders) and a pair of the ub5's (bookshelves) yesterday along with a pair of the uc5's (center channel). The speakers were all 20% off. Also grabbed a pair of denon avr x4300 receivers for $800 off (last year's model). Plan is to try the floorstanders in the bedroom first and see if they integrate well. If things are too boomy, then put the bookshelves in the bedroom and take the floorstanders out to the living room.
  12. HDTV Suggestions

    Oof... Those things are pricey. I was trying to avoid a sub but looks like pretty much a given those it seems. Will look some more into them tomorrow. Elac recommended the b6 over the unifi, surprisingly. Although the untreated nature of the room might benefit from those speakers.
  13. HDTV Suggestions

    After sharing images of the apartment and the attic space with the kind folks at Elac, it was suggested that I not use in walls. Blah...now need to convince Julie that we need bookshelves. And a stand to put them on
  14. HDTV Suggestions

    Nate, 1. The wall is just drywall hung on metal studs. Even the fire stop is metal. 2. Stud finder just finds where the metal studs are in the wall. 3. The lg slim mount for the oled tv's is designed for 18" stud spacing (studs in the apartment we purchased are 24" apart). Amazon does not make note of this but after looking into the matter, there are various retailers that have changed the descriptions on their website after a lot of people returned their mounts for not wanting to use toggle bolts and trusting a very expensive tv (at least in my opinion) to a less than extremely secure way of mounting the tv. Also, the spacing on the lg oleds is not the standard vesa mount like most other tvs have necessitating the use of these special mounts (or so I was told by the best buy dude). 4. 7.1/2 is not in the budget right now. 2 front channels and a center is doable. The 2 ceiling channels will be a stretch at this point. I could do a left surround as that wall is shared between the bedroom and the living room but the right wall is shared with the neighbors and I don't really want to put speakers in it. Also that is the side where there is very little clearance above in the attic as the roof starts to dive in so even less likely to put a speaker on the right wall. 5. Will have to look into the use of boxes some more. Care to share any resources you found? I have an appointment for a call in to Elac on Tuesday morning to see if I could speak with someone about this specifically to see if it would be an issue. I wanted a green light from them before I went ahead and ordered the speakers. One the gentleman I spoke with said I could even chat with Andrew Jones as he is looking for feedback from people installing the in walls as they aren't as widely adopted yet. If they sound anything like the UniFi UB5s I have in my office, I'll be quite pleased. I would have loved to have grabbed one of the new in wall subwoofers he recently came out with but the mounting depth is well more than my 6" deep walls can accommodate
  15. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Office upgrades from earlier today Andrew Jones makes some good speakers.