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  1. I use a classic Ikea Poang chair or my Ektorp sofa.
  2. The D70 definitely has improved a lot the bass. I don't need the Rel Storm with the Cremona Auditors especially at medium and low levels.
  3. Ok. It sounds excellent from the coaxial input already. Maybe I should upgrade my SB3 to the newer version. It definitely sounds a lot better fed from my Cary cd-player than from the SB3.
  4. The reviews and the manual seem to mention otherwise. I don't know why but for the P70-D70 combo the recommended connection is 2 AES/EBU cables and a sync clock cable between transport and DAC. SoundStage! Equipment Review - Esoteric P-70 Transport and D-70 Digital-to-Analog Converter (12/2003)
  5. Yes somehow it managed to make its way to me. I was able to pick it up in person from NYC. Its definitely a very solid construction and it sounds great as well. Definitely an upgrade from my old source. It puts some extra weight on my squeezebox input even if it plays Pandora radio. Has anyone ever tried the AES/EBU import? According to the reviews it should sound far better than the coaxial and toslink inputs. I was thinking of upgrading to the transporter in order to use the AES/EBU connection. Any ideas?
  6. I finally ended up buying it from the Monkey. I really like it. Not sure how it fares with headphones but with my Sonus Faber speakers it rocks. Very solid base and extended soundstage. Detail is very good as well. I guess it is the right source to use with a laid back speaker system (Sonus Faber + Pathos amp).
  7. Ups! Sorry i didnt notice. Thanks a lot!
  8. Any impressions with speakers for us boxie guys?
  9. So how is it? I am very interested as I want to get one for my squeezebox.
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