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  1. I went through the original Japanese text about the new model, and I don't see any mention of new flagship headphones. It says that they are planning to release a new flagship amplifier designed to go with the SR-009. EDIT: They are also hoping to release something "wonderful" in 2018 (the new amplifier is planned for 2017).
  2. I'm surprised nobody's done this before. Seems like a great way to make cheap and accurate R2R DACs. I think green label transformer is the one with silver wires.
  3. Unsurprisingly, Scott Foster was one of the referees: He's the referee with suspected gambling ties: He's also the one that threw out Livingston for (what seemed to be) just a little complaining earlier in the playoffs:
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  7. Sennheiser HD598 special edition (black) for $95 on Amazon:
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