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  1. I got mine today and I really like it. I use it on my desktop and it sounds way better than the Asus Xonar Essence card that I have. Not bad at all. The volume knob is crap but I think I will just take the whole thing on the side of the computer and adjust volume through the PC.
  2. I think I am going to be sticking with my JH13 based on the Layla price. I checked some photos on HF and they seem pretty huge as well.
  3. Same here. I find the sound quality of the 6+ to be dramatically better than my old iphone 5.
  4. I will order the Roxannes. Just waiting for the labor day sale. The tube amp comment was because I felt that the JH13 could use a bit more body as it sounded a bit thin to me (using an iPhone and compared to the Roxannes). By "given the choice" I meant buying a new pair or iems. If I had the JH13 I wouldn't look for an upgrade.
  5. I thought the JH16 sounded very boomy and overbloated to be honest. Maybe listening through the iPhone didnt help but that's how I am mostly going to use my headphones. The JH13 sounded balanced with nice details and separation. The Roxannes sounded fuller with a darker signature and they image a lot more like a pair of bigger headphones. Between the JH13 and the Roxannes I felt that the JH13 sounded a bit lean and with smaller headspace. I wouldn't mind either one but given the choice I think I would go for the Roxannes. I am sure the Jh13 sound even better in custom form and I think they would pair well with a tube amp even though that would defeat their purpose of portability. I should have listened to the JH5 as well but didnt get enough time. I think the Laotian guy took my impressions so hopefully the fit wont be an issue.
  6. Ok I visited today and had my impressions done. I auditioned JH13, JH16 and Roxanne and I liked Roxanne the most followed by JH13 and last by JH16. I think I will be ordering soon.
  7. Should I take as an omen the fact that JH Audio HQ is at the town next to me and go for an audition? I guess I could have my impressions done there as well.
  8. Another vote for Harbeth. I have a pair of Sonus Fabers which I love. You might want to check their line for bookshelves.
  9. dimitris


    I am trying to get back to it. Ari I am going to try to find you. These days I use mainly apps on the phone.
  10. Thats a nice bike. Do you use this trim for training or do you have any cheapo wheels for riding every day?
  11. What is it that you didn't like about Fulcrums? I am looking at the c24s and to be honest I dont see the point. They seem to combine 2 different materials without the wheel actually being any lighter. God knows how the different materials are connected and how they will react under continuous breaking. At least the fulcrums have ceramic hubs and allow tubeless with no tape.
  12. I have the Campy Shamal which are basically the same with Fulcrum Zeros besides the spoke design. They have proven to be a solid wheel for training. After 10k miles I still havent had any issues with alignment and has only one puncture with the tubeless tires. Not sure how they compare against the Shimanos though.
  13. This is mine. Cervelo r3 with Campy Shamal.
  14. It will be spring before you know it. In the meantime listen to some music.
  15. These are really nice. I find that using some of my old lenses on my digital camera has a different not too plasticky look.
  16. Living in Orlando makes such rides doable even in this season. I am looking at photos from my old cycling club in Boston of their winter rides and I cringe.
  17. I have setup my own website lately if you guys are interested to take a peak. www.dimitriszervas.com
  18. Nice photos. Is the vignetting added in the first couple?
  19. Good deal. It seems that digital sensors are more sensitive than film with regards to tolerances. Or maybe people can now really zoom in the photo unlike what they used to do back in the film days.
  20. I ride 2 Cervelos. An R3 and an RS. I have been able to do around 10k miles during last 3 years.
  21. I agree. I was totally bummed when I heard that the new DF doesn't have a split screen. I used to shoot with an F3hp and I was hoping that Nikon would make a digital version of that. Too bad Katz-Eye doesnt have a screen for the D600. Also keep in mind that such implementations are also prone to inaccuracies of focusing screen distance. I have a 5DmkII with the Es-G screen and I had to try different shimmies in order to make it completely accurate because the distance inside the viewfinder was different than the one to the sensor. Its too bad that companies nowadays don't see the need for a good get-go split screen implementation. Take a look at this if you don't know what I mean by shimming the focusing screen http://shimworld.wordpress.com/2009/08/24/cleaning-the-5d-mk-ii-viewfinder/
  22. Hey guys, Just checking in. I am an avid road cyclist especially since I have moved in Florida and I can actually cycle all year long without freezing my butt off. Cheers!
  23. I have shot both D600 and D700 and to be honest I think the D600 is a better camera. I understand that the D700 might give a nicer shooting experience to some because its a more professional body but unfortunately in this age sensor makes a bigger impact at least to me. The only pros for the D700 i can think of is possibly the more scattered AF points in the viewfinder (D600 has them all clustered around the center) and the more robust build (and possibly nicer balance with heavier lenses).
  24. Got it! Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to join unless my 2 year old starts feeding himself and start changing his diaper on his own.
  25. Hey guys, where is this meet going to be? I am trying to see whether I could join but I live in the Orlando area and it seems kinda far.
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