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  1. I've actually tried to argue for it recently as a short term way to some incremental sales. But bottome line we can't afford to increase the inventory at the moment. It's a tough call. I think the odds have actually gone up recently of a stand alone DAC but they are still long. A DeskTop Balanced Amp is also a modest likelyhood. The most likely thing over the next 18 months is a tube amp, and even that's a bit of a long shot. As I said in the AirHead paid thread, we're working on a low cost line for two years or so from now and we're going to have to save a lot of buckies to pay for tooling up for 3 or 4 sexy plastic enclosures. Consequently we are not going to be doing anything that doesn't pay for itself quickly, however, of the three optional products mentioned above a DAC may have the fastest payback.
  2. OMG! Those are just sick. I've gotta think I missing the boat if I don't do a balanced desktop. At least for the Head-Fi crowd.
  3. Actually, there was just room for that many connections and we have VERY long range planes to make things that stack (think FM tuner and Hard drive player, but long range--years.
  4. Well, boys can like diamonds, too. And we're not bringing lumps of coal to the National Meet, that's for sure.
  5. Ugh. :'( The only word there is I want one, and it's not on the horizon any time soon.
  6. No way. Our amps have never been "tweaked" for any one headphone at all. Anytime we make a change it's because we've found something technically better.
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