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  1. CD44hi

    RIP someone or another

    Oh...I just saw him on”El Camino” Great in this as in anything else he did.
  2. CD44hi

    Post what you're watching

    Gogol on amazon prime. Dusty alert! Me things you’ll love this Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  3. CD44hi

    Chord Mojo

    Mojo is still good. Also a while back there was a firmware update that significantly improved the SQ of DSD playback on the Mojo/Poly.
  4. CD44hi

    Post what you're watching

    Green Frontier or Frontera verde. I have the language advantage here, yet there are a number of Amazonian ethnic groups with their language in play, and having to rely on subtitles in these instances. There isn’t much to be said here before having to go into spoilers. Cinematography is superb, excellent cast, great locations. There are issues, but overall enjoyed the trip. I use the word trip here perhaps with 3 meanings. Think Darren Aronofsky-ish style.
  5. CD44hi

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Awesome Nate! Well done, congrats!!
  6. CD44hi

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    BBC Radio1’s rock show. Kicking some ass. Have to say their app is great and best of all, free!
  7. CD44hi

    Post what you're watching

    Right? And the casting also gets a huge A+ E Shue, A Starr, that plays Homelander, he was the lead in Banshee, good choice as well and K Urban. Really great cast. The attention to detail in the show is superb. For instance, homelander’s attention to his cape does not go unnoticed.The flag is not to touch the ground let alone be sat upon.
  8. CD44hi

    Post what you're watching

    Well, since swimming season is over, no more A/B meets and kids are up in camp, what does that mean? Cycling, movies and tv binge. Finished the above 8 episodes, holy F. This is dark and intense. can’t wait for more of this. Loved it
  9. CD44hi

    Post what you're watching

    “The boys” on amazon Think “nega” watchmen. On episode 2 and diggin’ it
  10. CD44hi

    Post what you're watching

    Dark, season 2. This is really a superb show! Highly recommended!
  11. CD44hi

    Post what you're watching

    I saw this when it came out a while ago and still remember it well. I liked the darkness and the “true detective”-like mood. But much darker and sometimes just down right odd. Specially that scene on the video above. : - )
  12. CD44hi

    RIP someone or another

    Indeed, I remember reading that for some episodes of “Airwolf” he was so drunk that they had to prop him in place and do the scenes.
  13. CD44hi

    Sony WM1A and microSD

    I have not heard those either, but I do agree regarding the Sony TA-ZH1ES. I find it pairs really well with the Audio Technica W1000Z. The W3000anv are in storage so I can post any thoughts on those. It also pairs well with the HD800S
  14. CD44hi

    Post what you're watching

    Russian Doll - had a hard time sticking with this show for the first 2 episodes, but boy, it turned out interesting by ep 3. It goes quick as episodes are short and only 8. Velvet Buzzsaw, affected but I enjoyed the trip nonetheless. Dark - Think German version of Stranger Things, but very much better in every aspect. The best show I've seen on Netflix so far. Starting with Season 3 of Expanse
  15. CD44hi

    Happy Birthday Guzziguy

    Happy birthday Ken! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro