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  1. The Celeron in netbooks and ultraportables is different than the old Celeron processors and is faster than the Atom.
  2. I feel that way and they are the "nicest" headphones I've heard besides my ER4p/s... I feel like there's no treble compared to my earphones...
  3. That's comforting. I've listened to 'em maybe for 5 hours the last couple days and had them on pink/whitenoise about 20 during the same time when I'm not home. Still hear recessed treble, though I'm beginning to wonder if any treble will sound right to me after the ER4S...
  4. First thing I noticed out of the box was a pretty similar response to my ER4P/S (more bass obviously) except the percussion sounded slightly funky with the HF2. I'm going to reexamine when I get home tonight. You guys notice a change in the upper end at all with repeated use?
  5. Thanks for the pics! Mine should be here in about a week and a half. Probably shipping next Friday they said...
  6. For the $50 I spent at WalMart when they cleared out the 8gb Clip I'm pretty content with it. Good gym player, that's about it. If they add the card support it would be nice to have support for all your FLAC files on a player that small...
  7. After all my research, I'm relatively certain it will be mine too (with Sigma 11 power)...
  8. Thanks for the info/review! I didn't see a price listed there. Did I miss it? EDIT: Nevermind, $149. http://www.whiplashaudio.com/amp3-hisoundaudio-mp3-player-pdaa.html
  9. You're welcome. And thank you for yours.
  10. Plea'se read thi's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apostrophe
  11. Todd said that orders placed right around now will take about 2 months or more. As long as I get them by September 22nd, I'll be happy!
  12. I actually might come up from Salt Lake for this if I can find people to go with me. Especially since I missed Can Jam this year...
  13. And I'd care to guess that's why people are still talking about them all the time and making so many threads. Especially people that missed out on the HF1 production and don't want to pay a 150% premium for the used pair that creeps up every so often to the Classifieds. Or for people like me that weren't members back then. It's a big deal now and it's going to be a big deal years down the line because of the collector's appeal.
  14. Seriously.... Larry that sucks man.
  15. And then get there and find out he forgot to pull them from the UPS box and they are now en route to your home.
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