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  1. norfolk


    https://www.adorama.com/ifjx100fb.html This is a better deal if specifically looking for the F
  2. norfolk


    Any specific recommendations?
  3. oooh. Interesting. These work well in headphone setups? I've read about them mainly being used with speakers.
  4. Finally have a little cash to become active around here again. Looking for a USB DAC to match up with the Lambda normal bias + SRM-T1 I just bought from Birgir. I've narrowed it down to these 2. Any have any personal experience with either? Anything else you'd recommend? Looking to keep the price under $500.
  5. I have the leak of the complete stereo versions downloading right now. I can share it when it's done.
  6. F.S. Stax SR-404/SRM-006t ? Stax noob..How's this setup?
  7. While I'm at what..? I read the welcome PM..I've read the forums regularly for a couple years before registering also. I understand what the board is all about. I'd much rather be a member of this site..than the other one. People say what they want here..without some hidden agenda of trying to sell something. Not exactly sure how I'm supposed to nestle my way in..so, I made a joke. Sorry Takashi. Sorry morphsci. Sorry Pars.
  8. Just being a smartass, wrong thread methinks.
  9. I don't have a joke..I just wanted to repeat it.
  10. I knew there was a better way to word that..
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