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  1. It was great to meet everyone, get home safe!
  2. Space shuttling with wings and thrusters
  3. Diet Coke can be strong stuff.
  4. The 009s looked like the hulk went at them.
  5. jp has been hydrating for the last hour...
  6. Perfect timing, I should just be over today by then.
  7. Haha clearly 11.30am tomorrow is too late, it's already been going for 12hrs
  8. 11.30 it is then. Hopefully the weather holds up better than today's..
  9. Was the consensus to turn up at 10am?
  10. I'm now living in NYC, it'd be great to meet everyone if there's room.
  11. So am I, we're due to catch up... Awesome build btw!
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