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  1. Off Kerry's carbon and T2 the ES1a played roughly at the same db level as the SR007 at a set volume, while the SR009 was able to reach thatvsame db level at a fair bit lower volume level. I get the same results more or less on my carbon as well.
  2. Very nice, Just wondering if you got any extra pads and if so did you try them? My pair of "dark" pads are coming in soon.
  3. The ES1a is my choice. It’s all around more capable one of the two in my opinion. However it is much more in cost as well so it better be. The RR1 are excellent as well and should be a consideration as they compare well to many other stuff out there just not really in the same level the SR007 and SR009 are.
  4. If you are going to Canjam this weekend in NYC, ill be there likely most of the time over the two days. Ill have both my Kaldas RR1 and ES1a with me if anyone is interested in a listen.
  5. I have the same stax as you, I think these are worth a look at. For me when I got the SR009 I was looking for some things the sr007 lacked for me. Unfortunately it was close but no cigar. I’m pretty happy with the ES1a and Im currently freeing up some gear for it.
  6. I’m coming to CJ Kerry, though I’m not sure what you mean by bacon? See you there.
  7. No complaints on build. It’s mostly metal except for that arch part for the headband that’s plastic but it feel the same as whatever plastic stax has been using. The stitching on pads of the demo pair I got was slightly off as in the pics I took but that was only issue but a very minor one for me. Think Kerry didn’t have and complaints when we tried it but I’ll let him chime in if he wants. I’ve tried the L700mk1 at a shop in London a few months ago. I don’t think they are better than SR007 or sr009. It sounded more boxed sounding and imaging was a little of a let down.
  8. Thanks Scgorg, def will try to get those pads to give them a go as well. I felt they was a little heavy but was not to bad maybe how right was spread out? I have a smaller head I guess and I found the sr007 slightly more comfy not only due to less weight but then staying in place better then the overall roomy ES1a. Still not to bad in comfort and could have been much worse.
  9. Hi, there website needs updating I had a loaner unit with a new pad that is meant to replace the two mentioned on the website as of now, this single new one is suppose to strike a balance between the two older pads mention on the website. I am wondering how the other pads change things and I’m waiting to see if ES can send those as well. If you email them you can possibly request for whatever pads they have. So far the communication is excellent with replies always within the day.
  10. Just got these in a week ago, just got back from Kerry’s comparing these with his SR007mk1 and SR009. some photos of them https://imgur.com/a/sFUOz0S the website for them https://www.eslabhk.com/
  11. I've found a good deal in a used pico amp only the battery is not so good, before I commit I want to see if anyone knows the cost for Justin to swap the battery (I know he's often takes him some time to contact him, and the first owner had asked but still no response for over a month). Or better yet if anyone has replaced the battery themselves, I've read the battery can be disconnected by removing the back panel but that's all I know.
  12. well the first amp is the battery powered grado amp that may be why i changed the amp and the problem went away with balance. I'll try to take better pics but I swear one side is so slightly pinkish, but maybe its my eyes playing tricks on me and my ears whispering lies to me PS how can some one give me directions on how to do the mono thing on foobar? thanks.
  13. Im going to try two test, the first will be what mypasswordis has proposed, the second that i just did compares the difference between my other RS1. Here is what i did im not sure if i may have missed anything. 1) both pairs have flats and are used with the same amp and source. The odd pair is numbered 162, the other is 3314 (my mistake before I thought it was in the 300's) 2) I play the same song at low volumes to determine when both sides start playing, noticed the left side plays at a audible volume before the right side on the Odd ball 3) did the same thing for pair #3314 and found t
  14. here is a pic of it, the pinkish one is to the right. I may be hard to tell but its slightly pink in the large center part of the driver. http://i745.photobucket.com/albums/xx98/ivanrocks321/DSC_0115.jpg
  15. Since i wount be able to test it out till later tonight I'll have to wait for a hour or two. ill be sure to post pics too.
  16. could you be more specific on how to test if there is a diff between the left and right? im a noob and im not sure exactly how i would do this. I do have another pair of RS1 its serial is in the low 300's would listening between the two pairs give me any meaningful results?
  17. thats true but it does not look like it was opened up. and Im guessing they are not old enough to even be using the pink drivers in them
  18. Just pick up a pair of RS1 that looked a little different one of the drivers appear to be pinkish the other white. They were bought of the original owner and was never repaired. They have the serial number 162 and was purchased around 2004-2005. Anyone know anything about grado using different drivers on the same pair?
  19. They are the v2 so they should be round. And yes Jin the O2 pads are getting very hard to get now, as I just found out I hear of clones but who makes them?
  20. Hi im new here and I have a question. Does anyone know were to get replacements for Fostex T20RP the round ones? Forgive me if it was mentioned already on this thread, I must have missed it. never mind seems like o2 pads work.
  21. Im looking for a new dac and I stumble across an Adcom GDA700. Has anyone tried this one compared to gamma 2. It seems the Adcom is a good choice, but im not very technical so I have not been able to compare them based on the specs.
  22. thats true, was just checking if anyone had attempted this already since I tried to look it just but got nothing.
  23. I dont find the padding very comfortable. Since they make them slide forward or backwards often.
  24. I have a question would the Beyer headband fit over the sennheiser HD650 band like for grados? Im assuming the senn's head padding would be removed for it to fit.
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