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  1. Happy Birthday Chris! Enjoy
  2. Nice work @simmconn The current limiting with Q5 is not fast enough. Put a depletion mode mosfet CCS in front (left) of M6 (Vin). Similar to what Kevin did on the T2. You'll also see this on the Circlotron 900V supply. The golden reference supply is much more robust this way Good luck!
  3. That's awesome! Congrats and enjoy
  4. Happy Birthday Ari! Miss you
  5. Happy Birthday Shelly!
  6. That might be possible, but not optimal for me. I might just have them made.
  7. Thanks. I saw those and they won't do for what I need.
  8. For the +/-15v supplies, the pad transistors do not need heat sinks.
  9. I'm looking for this type of panel bearing for a 6mm shaft: 1705 Keystone Electronics | Mouser Thanks
  10. Condolences to you and your family. It’s wonderful that your uncle’s kind soul was evident even though he was nonverbal. RIP
  11. Happy belated birthday.
  12. Happy Birthday, Doug! Have a great day
  13. My condolences, Bryan.
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