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  1. My daughter has this several times a year. It's scary for her even though she knows what's happening now.
  2. This supply is going into a carbon so the current draw is very low. For a higher current use you should mount the LV supplies to a heat sink.
  3. Got the LV supplies done now. All good 😊
  4. Thanks everyone. I just got back from all you can eat sushi with the family. Nice day today. My boys could put them out of business
  5. Try adjusting to +25v or so, then enable the servo. This one's not using the opto chip. Maybe we can add something to the board to disable it in the future.
  6. Can't wait to see what you think of this
  7. Excellent! I'm curious if you were thinking of testing this same current source as a replacement for the battery (2mA to bias the CCS transistors) in the larger T2 as well. I'm curious how it compares to the batteries.
  8. I like the idea of the solar cell. Very cool Here's what I was playing with for the LT1021... I got the idea from here... IXYS App Notes There are a couple of other interesting ideas in here as well.
  9. I was wrong about not cascading the MOSFETs. It really did help. At this point, spice is showing me the same results as the battery. It would be nice if someone could check this to confirm. The models I'm using for the IXTP01N device seem to be optimistic. Note that J1 only helps if the top MOSFET performs worse. So, if the model is right, then you don't need J1 and we're right back to what Kevin was suggesting
  10. I saw some noise issues in the Spice model for the regulator version as well. I could mostly control it, but not completely (especially once you go above 20KHz). Here's another idea I came up with (CSS #2 and #4). They will also support 1,000V. You could improve it slightly by adding a DN2540, but I'm not sure it's worth it. These other two models work almost as well as the battery at 10KHz and only a bit worse at 20KHz. The second (#2 below) is probably the best bang per parts. # 4 could be made to be a bit better, but I'm not sure it's worth it. The results are for the first three only (which includes the battery that Kevin came up with). R1 May not be necessary, but it felt good I want to experiment a bit more with it.
  11. Yes, but the regulators perform much better in spice, especially at higher frequencies.
  12. I've been playing with the current sources in spice. This one can cover 1000V and models really well. I'm not convinced the performance is not just LTSpice and the model I found for the IXTP01N100D. The LT1117 could be a LM317.
  13. Happy Birthday!
  14. I got the HV sections and bias up and they work perfectly Here's the board... I've already tested the GRLV boards and they work. I just have to build another set for this supply. The thermals above the IXCY10M90S regulators don't go above 99 deg. F. Very happy with the board so far.
  15. Yeah, wish I had a big stock of a1968's. It's not so surprising the the grhv looks similar The two pnp transistors along with the current mirror below form a very simple opamp of sorts.