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  1. Kerry

    XLR-unbal help

    Try reversing the cables going into the switch to see if the problem follows the cables. Also, have you tested both channels of the app to make sure they are working correctly.
  2. Kerry

    Happy Birthday Skullguise!!

    Happy belated birthday Todd! Hope you enjoyed the day
  3. Kerry

    Happy Birthday Bryan!

    Happy Birthday
  4. Kerry

    What Are You Building Today

    Thanks Nate
  5. Kerry

    What Are You Building Today

    I know. Just having fun
  6. Kerry

    What Are You Building Today

    Very HC of you Nate 🤑 @Craig Sawyers Kevin gave similar warnings a few years back. Good PSA 😊
  7. Kerry

    What Are You Building Today

    Those are great results. I haven’t hooked up a laser yet, but I feel I need to. What laser are you using?
  8. Kerry

    What Are You Building Today

    Nice Jose! I like Les Paul in the wall behind too
  9. Kerry

    Happy Birthday JP!

    Happy birthday!
  10. Kerry

    Happy Birthday Alex (screaming oranges)

    Happy birthday!
  11. Kerry

    Genital Pictures....oh, and pens

    Nice to see you here Ari Hope all is well
  12. Kerry

    Happy Birthday, Chris!

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Kerry

    Happy Birthday mikeymad!

    Happy Birthday Mikey!
  14. Kerry

    WiFi Router Upgrade

    I like Unifi Networks stuff. You’d need to run some network drops for the WAPs.
  15. Kerry

    DIY mini T2 Build Thread

    The input seems pretty well protected. Maybe something coming in from the output.