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  1. I am on rev 1909 and I’ve been happy with it. You’re right to be concerned about Microsoft upgrades lately. I’m using the beta version of Edge which is a chromium-based browser. I’ve been very happy with this browser. It works for all sites that I’ve used it for. I’m also happy that Google isn’t stealing my data.
  2. Been there, but yeah not in a while
  3. Nice Nate! Glad you're getting back in the DIY audio game
  4. Very sad to hear about your situation. My build users mostly SMD parts so this is not a good fit for me. I do think this would be a great opportunity for someone else who is interested in building a T2.
  5. Thanks everyone! I had a nice day with family. I’ve promised myself a night out once this COVID thing settles down.
  6. I've seen thin film resistors at lower prices and have used them, but the ppm / c spec is definitely not on par with more expensive resistors. This is especially noticeable in current sources. I do agree that overall the price seems too low given the resistors and possible contact issues. That being said, I do have a streamer from them that I've been happy with.
  7. I was hoping for something quite the opposite, but one never knows
  8. Remarkably, most of the components survived. The current regulator, U1, was vaporized along with the set resistors. The main fire was from the bottom through hole resistor. Next step, Poubelle! After that, I’m putting in a more robust current regulator.
  9. What is the unregulated voltage to the IXCP10M90S. I agree you should check the current coming out of the regulator.
  10. So I built I fire today... This will eventually be a golden reference bias supply / doubler (because over-kill has no limits). My probe apparently touched something it shouldn’t have. Quite the spectacular fireworks. My heart is still racing
  11. Are the Zeners 3W or higher. They may have a higher test point if so. The current regulator supplies about 1.3mA. Also, are they 10% or 20%?
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