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  1. Happy belated Birthday Brent! I hope you enjoyed the day
  2. Happy belated birthday Shelly! I hope you had a great day
  3. Happy belated Birthday !
  4. Happy belated Birthday! I hope you enjoyed the day
  5. Happy belated birthday Wachara! I hope you enjoyed the day
  6. Happy belated birthday !
  7. Happy Birthday Doug! Have a great day
  8. Happy Birthday Al! Cheers
  9. Happy Birthday Nate! Have a great day. Cheers
  10. Happy Birthday Craig! Enjoy the day
  11. Happy belated Birthday Naaman! I hope you had a great day. Cheers
  12. Yes, you can substitute something else in for the OPA134UA. I did a quick search and found OPA1655DR which is in stock. You'll need to test it to make sure it functions properly. Good luck and post back your findings. PS I'm running on very little sleep, so double check the operating parameters of the OPA1655 against OPA134.
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