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    New York, NY
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    Electronics, Drums, Guitar, Golf
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    Management Consultant
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    STAX SR-404, O2 Mk I
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    DIY T2, DIY KGST, DIY DynaT, DIY SS Dynalo Mini
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    DIY USB OPUS DAC, Denafrips Ares
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    Classe CA-200, Magnepan MG-1.5

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  1. Happy Birthday, Adam! Enjoy the day
  2. Happy Birthday Grahame!!! Enjoy
  3. Happy Birthday Joachim! I hope you have a wonderful day
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  5. Happy/Merry Birthday/Christmas, Ric! Enjoy the day
  6. Yay! Looking forward to seeing you
  7. We'll have a booth at the event. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there
  8. I use PBHV2160Z instead of STN0214. You can also try STR1550. I also changed C4 to 1000pF.
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