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  1. Happy birthday! Have a great day
  2. Happy Birthday! Enjoy
  3. Funny, I was just listening to 99 Luftballons over the last week Good memories...
  4. I don't have a scaled down T2 PSU. The one I use is based on the original T2 PSU schematic. I am working on a golden reference version, but that project is not completed. Once upon a time, I did a golden reference version, but it was too fragile. In my new project, I will add current limiters in front of the regulators, like Kevin did in the T2 PSU.
  5. There was a group buy for this already. You should be able to find what you need there
  6. The JAN Phillips are a nice choice to get started with though I prefer the Amperex. https://www.audiotubes.com Tube depot has a matching service as well. PS. Not sure about where to buy in Austria
  7. The maximum potential voltage there is only about 810v, so the 900v rating is perfectly fine.
  8. You really want the highest Hfe for the batteries. I shoot for around 60
  9. Yes. It's the CCS for the LEDs that feed the the output CCS. It's a simple cascaded DMOS with a cap on board.
  10. I've redesigned my own boards and using the RK50 typically. I'm currently using C3675 (4x for the active batteries), KSA1156, C4685A (output CCS), FJPF2145, STN9360, J79, K216.
  11. Here's a new twist on my T2 build. I've added both the HE-90 jack as well as a custom built Teflon HE-60 jack with appropriate voltages/resistances. This one is in black chrome That's the back of the power supply...
  12. Happy Birthday Jose!
  13. Happy Birthday!
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