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  1. Kerry

    The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Glad she’s feeling better. That’s disconcerting regarding the sockets.
  2. Yes, R13 sets the current for the reference. I use 4.7K and it was giving me .92mA. Here's a shot of the positive rail... (Wow - It's been sitting out for a couple of weeks and got very dusty)
  3. Kerry

    What Are You Building Today

    Nice! Very addictive
  4. Kerry

    Happy Birthday Dusty

    Happy Birthday Peter!
  5. Kerry

    Happy birthday Iain!

    Happy Birthday!
  6. Kerry

    Happy Birthday Peter

    Happy birthday Peter! Enjoy
  7. Kerry

    Happy 64th Carl!

    Happy birthday!
  8. Here’s the back of the digital attenuator. This might make you suffer more Those chips need to be started with a hot air station.
  9. The resistors on the digital attenuator are 1206. For the HV supplies the resistors are a mix of 1206 and 0805.
  10. Just got a few boards in. From left to right... GRHV78xxx, GRHV79xxx and to the right is a new experimental digital alternator. It’s stackable for balanced
  11. Kerry

    What Are You Building Today

    Nice Nate! Congrats on getting the mill up and running.
  12. Just finished designing the GRHV79xxx, which is the negative rail. I'm going to order some boards and test it out as well. Maybe add this to the group buy if it works On the testing front I'm done test the GRHV78xxx. I've made one small change to the board and will test that as well, but looks good. The GR78xx-Micro looks good and will test the GR79xx-Micro shortly. Michael is making some progress as well and I hope we can get this moving sooner rather than later PS I'm happy using the 7V reference. It requires less current which reduces heat and works well.
  13. Kerry

    Happy Birthday Steve!

    Happy Birthday!
  14. Kerry

    Happy Birthday Wayne!

    Happy Birthday!