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  1. Could there have been any kind of short? Seems like it blew out the protection stuff along with the pass FET.
  2. Kerry


    Best wishes for you and your fellow countrymen. Stay safe!
  3. Kerry


    Best wishes Birgir. Stay safe!
  4. You should use a higher Hfe. What you have is ok, but if lower R39 to around 40k to 50k. Highest value that is stable.
  5. Depending on the Hfe of Q23, you might need to lower R39. This could cause instability / oscillations in that area. If you can hear the amp without the headphones in, then it's oscillating. I agree that most multimeters should be able to pick this up (though maybe not accurately). If the amp is wildly oscillating and has very high voltage swings it could possibly damage the amp.
  6. Happy Birthday, Todd
  7. Happy Birthday! Enjoy
  8. Happy (very) belated birthday, Jose
  9. I had some of these made up. PM me. They are a drop-in replacement for the Keystone part, but with a 6mm opening
  10. Happy belated birthday, Chris. Just saw this now, but wanted to wish you well
  11. Happy (very) belated birthday, Rob
  12. Happy Birthday Antonio! Enjoy
  13. Happy Birthday, Birgir!!! I hope you had a wonderful day
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