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  1. Kerry

    Amplifier porn

    Wow! Now that’s how porn is done
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    Happy Birthday Adam!
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    Happy Birthday Grahame!

    Happy Birthday Grahame!
  5. Kerry

    DIY mini T2 Build Thread

    I’ve been able to run the regulators with a 12-15v differential. Yes load can come into play. To be safe you should add another 10% on top of the desired HV plus the differential. That’s to accommodate voltage variations of the mains, which may not be applicable for you.
  6. Kerry

    Happy Birthday Frank Cooter!

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    Hippy B-day, Knucks!

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    Happy Birthday Ric

    Happy belated birthday!
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  12. Some good news on my side. I was able to successfully test the GR79xx board. Here's a picture of the GR7915 (left) next to the GR7815 micro (right). I've only tested against my DC shop supply but it performs as expected so far
  13. Kerry

    XLR-unbal help

    Try reversing the cables going into the switch to see if the problem follows the cables. Also, have you tested both channels of the app to make sure they are working correctly.
  14. Kerry

    Happy Birthday Skullguise!!

    Happy belated birthday Todd! Hope you enjoyed the day
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