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  1. I'm playing with a new project and I needed to shrink the GRHV and also build the negative supply. Here's the positive and negative supplies. I'm going to test them tomorrow 🤞
  2. I’ve been doing double sided boards in an over. I haven’t had any issues yet.
  3. Happy Birthday Al! I hope you’re having a wonderful day
  4. I think I've used MMBTA42/92 in the past successfully, though your suggestion Michael looks like it should work as well.
  5. I had s Chance to hear these At the last CanJam in NYC. I think they have potential and I’m looking forward to hearing them in a private setting.
  6. I added this cap just in case. It was more for testing. I was trying to improve the ability to withstand near shorts. In the end I added the external current limiters.
  7. Happy belated Birthday Craig. I hope you enjoyed the day!
  8. It’s based on this project... 3D Probe I had to re-do all of the models to fit my needs.
  9. Here’s the board mounted in the probe.
  10. I used a 10 mil flat end mill. You need a really short flute. Length of cut should be about 15 mils. I did several passes since the board wasn’t completely level. Fun stuff Edit: I’ve had no luck with v shaped tools.
  11. I just milled this board for a CNC probe I’m working on. Those are .01” slots. I’m surprised I could do this
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