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  1. Happy Birthday, Jim! Enjoy the day
  2. I’ve been using that series for a bunch of years now and I’ve been very happy.
  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoy
  4. R28 and R29 are the bleed resistors for the DC output (typically 400V or 450V). R30/31 & R32/33 are for the DC input and are in series since the voltages they see will likely be above 500V. In general, the capacitor bleed resistors are set to around .4W to .45W or thereabout - independent of whether they are in series or not. They can be a bit more or less. I usually like less. Any values that get you close are fine. Just make sure they are still 500V each and at least 1W. This chip storage is mentally fatiguing... or... a great way to hone your skills. Pick one
  5. Happy Birthday John! Enjoy
  6. Here's the part numbers for the 2x8 connectors: 1-794065-0 770579-1 770988-1 The 2 and three pin connectors are the same series.
  7. Congrats @jamesmking and @JoaMat! Nice work!
  8. Those look fantastic! Congrats.
  9. I don’t use that anymore. Just the 10K pot. Works much better.
  10. I did the Ocoee in a raft about a decade ago. What a great trip! Enjoy
  11. On my prototype build, I had some hum issues. I tried DC supplies on the front-end and they did not help. What helped was how I routed the power / filament supply wires. You should have no hum on the T2.
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