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    Stax SR-009BL, Stax SR-404LE, Audeze LCD-X
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    Mjolnir KGST, Stax SR-T1, Mjolnir PureBipolar
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    dCS Network Bridge, Meridian 818v3, Meridian DSP8000SE

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  1. I have Parkinson's, so I can only sit back and watch you guys. (Even if before Parkinson's I knew what I was doing, which I didn't...)
  2. Does that mean they've improved the treble, as with later SR-009s? Are they still on SZ3xxx ?
  3. It’s obvious: it’s the Euro price in US Dollars. Seriously: they want €7250 from me in Germany. Justin’s price equates to €4929, which plus VAT is €5858. What’s the other €1400 for? Is it perchance a tax on stupidity?
  4. Hey Birgir, are you feeling ok?
  5. I'm just wondering about the comparison between SR-009 and SR-007 Mk2 SZ3. I've read up here, but it's rarely explicit whether the comparison is with SZ2 or SZ3. I believe Arnaud's SR-007 is SZ2, and he says SR-009 is brighter. Padam says the same but I don't know what sort of SR-007 he has. Has anyone compared SZ3 with SR-009 yet (while we wait for Spritzer to receive his SR-009)? I'm curious whether the brightness of SZ3 is more or the same as SR-009.
  6. That looks like a pretty normal mark-up for Europe, alas. It's hard to really understand the pricing without knowing the Yen price.
  7. The DAC clearly needs to go urgently - the question is only how much money I throw at a replacement, and if I hold out for a new generation Sooloos Ensemble in the MS600 line. And after living with the 404LEs for a year, I am quite sensitive to their weaknesses, not just the treble but the flubbery bass... Hence the ebay auction. (Thanks for the serious reply!)
  8. Schmerzgrenze is a very apt expletive, as it means "threshold of pain".
  9. I've decided that the only solution is to buy a Meridian 808.3 and a pair of Omega IIs and a BHSE. To this, I have put my Grandmother on ebay.
  10. Are the engineers who designed the T2 still involved in the company?
  11. Aha, now it's getting interesting. What did he say about them, I wonder...
  12. My phones setup is in its early stages. I have a Cambridge Audio DACMagic (c.1993) going into 404LE and SRM-T1. There is a Meridian 518 jitter-buster before the DAC, and the digital source is usually my Macbook, and sometimes a Sony CDP-750 from 1988, which I love for it's incredibly fast track access and associated number pad. The problem is, I feel ill after not very long listening to it. A headache which is kind of metallic-toothachey... I don't think I am running it too loud. I suspect the problem is that the source combination is just way too crappy for the Staxes, which of course I know. Even the 518 can't save the DAC. It is probably a minefield of jitter, distortion and spurious crap - and I think fatigue sets in immediately. Do you all agree with my assessment of the situation?
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