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  1. My guess is both cases are 2U… optical visual illusion makes them 1U?
  2. Thanks guys. Now I know I don’t understand… hopefully I’ll learn something later...
  3. 0.4A at 11.1V suggests … something like 3mA each channel?
  4. Check this partco.fi/en. They claim they have 8 pieces of 2SK216 in stock at EUR 4.28 each. I don’t know anything about Partco. But Finnish people tend to be reliable. 03/01/2021. They seem to be gone.
  5. Very nice headphone amplifier indeed. Please don’t wait too long with your next project. We want more.
  6. Nice! So with one 5000mA 3S LiPo pack I’m ready for a 10 hours hike? Lovely. P.S. I want one now.
  7. @Blueman2 Have you tried any of the alternative devices to C2M000170D in a Carbon amplifier?
  8. @starcat I have boards. Ping me if still interested. Location Sweden.
  9. Most, if not all, public published GRHV boards are with c2m1000170d but if a bit creative you might use fqpf8n80c. If you do - please tell us how it turned out. We have to find ways to tackle unavailable parts.
  10. Eventually I managed to dig up some money. I also had a brand new pair of Stax pads at hand. Thanks for the advice. I’m really happy with this Headphone.
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