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  1. What kind of gear do you use to get the thermal pictures?
  2. Nothing to fear. With some practice everyone can do SMD soldering and it's fun.
  3. Congratulations Kevin! So now I don’t have to feed ducks anymore, great.
  4. squirrels on Iceland? didn't know that...
  5. The squirrels sits on them.
  6. Lots of converters at Mouser – just have to find a suitable one in stock. Alternatively 9 volts cells....
  7. this one, 12V to 12V and 1/4W
  8. Can a DC/DC converter be used as it is or is some filtering needed?
  9. Very nice indeed.
  10. I like the way Skooby attachs the heat sinks. It’s a Fischer SK 81 - 100 x 37.5 x 15 mm. Found it at a local dealer. Cut it in two halves and it fitted quite nicely. I also use an aluminum net for top cover. Heat sink or nor the heat has get out of the cabinet. At 74 degree Celsius the PTZA06 is good for some 450 mW.
  11. Take a look at this 3M product. 3m8810[1].pdf I use it and I'm confident it will hold the heat sinks safely in place.
  12. Long time since I did this kind of calculations. Try this: (12V/7V * 1.5kOhm) – 1.5kOhm = 1.07kOhm. If I’m wrong you get something else.
  13. Milled a couple of small board 0.8 x 1.15 in. Put a cheap USB microscope on CNC machine. Easy to move microscope over the board. Took this picture, optical magnification x40.
  14. Actually a new airline. SAS was kind of not interested. Operation is planned to commence next week. Free electrostatic earspeakers. Proud to announce our new Head of Flight Operation. Here is a link to the interview with him, a very experienced guy. CV interview