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  1. Happy Birthday, Kerry!
  2. Happy Birthday, Chris!
  3. I’m happy to hear you from you, @micon21 and I wish you and your country all the best in the fight with Mr. Putin. You will survive. In the end the good will defeat the evil.
  4. No, I haven’t noticed any issues over time. But they haven’t been used that much so I have no idea how they change at higher temperature over a longer period of time.
  5. I somehow managed to copy H and C from HeadCase logo and mill it on the plate. picture in B/W
  6. Have made a few test inscriptions on aluminum with CNC machine.
  7. Learned how to engrave with my milling machine today. It's an original Kevin Gilmore et. Al. DIY T2 amplifier with original parts.
  8. Milled a front panel, with inscription, today. With black painted aluminum net as top cover you can see the light from eight red LEDs.
  9. vojne vojne, I’m old enough to have had two screaming teenagers in the house… phuuu
  10. Free speech gives you the right to be silent.
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