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  1. They're made at the Reflektor factory in Saratov. SED tubes are/were made at the former Svetlana collective in St Petersburg. There were a number of major tube making collectives in Russia at the end of the communist era, most of which are gone now. Of the ones that survived, Ulyanov and Ryazan are the two other major ones.
  2. I'd like to see someone put some fine powder on the various types of Lambda/Sigma drivers and map out their Chladni Patterns at various frequencies. Given the reasonably large sound differences given the same shape and mechanical operation I assume that the modest differences between the electrode/diaphram-coating capacitance and diaphram's molecular makeup have quite a marked affect on the modes or vibration.
  3. I'd love to drive my stats off 212Es or GM100s. I'd never have to pay for heating again.
  4. All audio forums do. It's an occupational hazard.
  5. 発見!!! Look what I found!!! うっかり? わざと?うっかり? 狙い? Unintentional? Intentional? Unintentional? Their aim? 上下が逆ですね。。。 They've got it the wrong way around, haven't they.... 煙りには無理な動きなんじゃないかな?? 笑 Surely smoke doesn't move that way, right?? Lol. So yeah, not really funny at all.
  6. Unfortunately those smart enough to notice are also smart enough to turn sigs off so we don't have to read people's entire life story every post.
  7. It's nothing without the image macro to go with it.
  8. Listen to a Sennheiser Surrounder straight out of a Zune, and you'll know you've made it.
  9. I do believe I've half jokingly suggested UE 10 Pros to you on several occations (you know, for the lulz). I can't think of any time I've said any bad words about the custom variety, appart from maybe saying you'd get better price/performance with full sized headphones. Non custom IEMs, yes, I think they're mostly shit.
  10. That's because you keep listening to those damn non-custom IEMs.
  11. Well, one would hope. There's plenty of cheapy headphones that are surpremely listenable iff not the last word in anything. Headphones that are out and out unenjoyable (beyond a certain baseline pricepoint at least) are less common than us headphone freaks like to let on.
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