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  1. MrSlim

    The State of DACSES

    Not to take anything away from the SU-8, as it does have very good reviews, and measures very well, but it's based on dual 9038Q2Ms, not the 9038PRO. The mobile Q2M chip has a lot lower price than the PRO (1/5 ish..) and the supporting circuitry can be simpler, thus a much lower cost final product
  2. Are there BOM's for the Power supply boards yet?
  3. MrSlim

    goldenreference low voltage power supply

    Hey Kerry, Are you making the Gerbers available for these boards, or do you happen to have a few spares you could part with? I'm thinking that these might make a nice little +- 15V power supply for a DAC board I have on the way. I would also thinking about a second + supply for 3.3V, if it could be configured that low.
  4. MrSlim

    current feedback electrostatic amp

    I'm planning on building the CFA to dip my toe in the electrostatic pool so a "multi dollar" enclosure is likely going to be my target..
  5. MrSlim

    current feedback electrostatic amp

    Awesome, that will do the trick I'm sure. Thanks!
  6. MrSlim

    current feedback electrostatic amp

    You wouldn't happen to have worked up a BOM for either of the BH ultramini or the CFA boards would you? If not, I can get started on doing them, but will need some guidance on voltage/wattage ratings on the passive components.
  7. Got my boards last night, they look great! Thanks again for doing the GB..
  8. Super, thanks. It should be fine if you ship them out around the 21st..
  9. Do you mind hanging on to mine for an extra week? I'm out of the country until the 26th and the post office might not hang onto them that long if they do a delivery attempt. I've got a neighbor collecting mail, but not sure if the package will be small enough to fit in my mail box or they'll leave a delivery notice.
  10. Ok, I need more projects like I need another hole in my head but what the hell.. sbelyo, being a noob here, should I be sending you a payment now? (total at end is partial from what I can see)
  11. MrSlim

    KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    It looks like a Bulgin Vandal resistant switch, something like this http://www.bulgin.com/products/switches/push-button/stainless-steel-push-button-mp0045-1d0-mp0045-3d0-mp0045-1e0-mp0045-3e0-series-18mm-diameter-group.html (possibly the illuminated version). Mouser has a bunch of different versions..