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  1. In the event that the transport does decide to go on me, does anyone know where I can purchase a replacement or another transport that will work? It doesn't seem too difficult to swap, according to these directions: EastSound CD
  2. The original owner said he's never had a single transport problem, but I did find a write-up on how to replace it if/when it dies. I'm not sure where to get the mechanism, but hopefully I'll never have to cross that bridge.
  3. I'm interested to see how it compares to my DL III DAC, which has been a pretty good combination with my WA2.
  4. I just snagged up an Eastsound CD-E5 for pretty cheap and I'm crossing my fingers I won't have to replace the transport the day it arrives. Anyone still using this CDP?
  5. The HF-2 do look quite appealing, I think I'll keep my eyes open on the For Sale forums for a pair.
  6. I also changed my power and preamp tubes and haven't listened to anything in a week, so yeah...you're probably right.
  7. Well, I replaced the foam in front of the drivers with nylon and also removed the foam behind the drivers. I forgot about doing that and things are improving. Once I finish this glass of Jameson things will be much better.
  8. I actually used to own those a while ago and remember not being a huge fan. They didn't fit me very well either (I have a small head). Could be worth trying again though, however they didn't strike me as the best headphones for rock.
  9. It sounds like, although not an ideal match on paper, the WA2 will be a pretty solid match with the HE-5LE. I think I'll take the plunge in the next week or so
  10. Here is what Jack thinks: Since the HE-5LE's are low efficiency headphones they will require a higher output from the amp, and he recommended I use the 7236 power tubes instead of the 5998's. He didn't think the impedance would be a major issue.
  11. Well, my email was pretty specific in asking how they would pair with the WA2, so he doesn't have any wiggle room to mention the WA6 or WA6 SE I know he'll remember me since he just built it for me two weeks ago.
  12. Well, I guess there's only one way to find out... I also emailed Jack Woo to get this thoughts, since both the HE-5LE and LCD-2 are low impedance. The WA2 is listed to handle 25-600 Ohms but I'm not sure if that changes depending on what power tubes I'm using.
  13. I generally don't listen at high volume levels. ex. I can still hear someone talking while wearing the 650's. I'm not sure how a low dampening factor would translate when actually listening though.
  14. This certainly is a tough decision, but I'm pretty sure in the end I'll end up with a pair of headphones that sound incredible. Can someone explain why the LCD-2's and HE-5LE's wouldn't be the ideal choice for an OTL amp? I'm more curious than anything, it's not really going to prevent me from purchasing either as I understand that while not ideal, it doesn't mean they can't sound great out of the WA2. As much as Stax intrigue me (A LOT), right now they're out of the question. I just want something I can plug into my WA2 and enjoy.
  15. Did you have a specific model in mind? (Please don't say the 007's...)
  16. These are looking pretty good to me right now, and they're even cheaper than the other headphones I was considering. Thanks for the thoughts! You're better off just removing it all, are you still changing gear like underwear?
  17. Todd, how do you like the HE-5's? Have you heard the HE-5LE's? They're also on my list.
  18. Thanks for the advice. I've spent a few days reading about the T1's, LCD-2's, and HD800's and it seems (again, based on what I've read) that I would enjoy the LCD-2's the most. Should I also be considering the HE-5's? I've been in denial for quite some time about purchasing a Stax setup, one of these days I'll put together a 'stat setup, and the 650's aren't going anywhere.
  19. I've got some Jameson Distillery Reserve at home, maybe I should crack open that bottle this weekend and reform my opinion on the HD650's...
  20. Yes, and I like where this is going...
  21. If you're going to tell me to listen to different music, at least begin by asking what music I already listen to. That's like a doctor giving me medicine before asking what my symptoms are. I don't think my original question was very difficult, and I expected a few tongue-in-cheek comments but nothing like "listen to music that isn't boring." I'm probably being a bit salty, but it's my thread and I'm having problems walking because my back is killing me. And Rush is not boring. Anyways, although I hated Grado's in the past I'd be willing to give them a shot again. Will the WA2 being an OTL design be a horrible match with their 32 Ohm drivers?
  22. ...and I get the urge to try something better. They need to be single-ended and will be driven by a WA2. Tesla T1's? LCD-2's? HD800's? I have no clue which ones will play nicely with this amp, but I'm really after something that will be a bit more fun to listen to without sacrificing details and resolution. In technical terms, this probably means low end frequencies that don't fall off as much as the 650's (that's one of my main gripe's). I have no clue though, as I'm not nearly as technical as the large majority of people here, however I do know what I like and dislike. I love the HD-650's but have the urge to try something different. Commence ball busting, I'll check in later to clean things up.
  23. Man, just got the WA2 setup with the DL III and some Sylvania 7236's. It sure is nice to finally hear music again!
  24. I am limited to USB or Optical with my PC, which is why I decided to pick up one of those coaxial HiFace dongles and a shielded 75 Ohm coax cable to run into my DL III DAC. PS - Why BNC over coaxial?
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