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  1. Pssh, he doesn't have to lobby, let the kid register! We could use a little more excitement in this forum, I'm tired of bitching about how bad Ray sucks. It's not even kicking a dead horse at this point, just a pile of bones with some flies buzzing around.
  2. Ahh ok, got it! Two-way it is
  3. Ok, quick question regarding your post Yikes. Two-way = midrange driver and tweeter, while three-way = two midrange drivers and a tweeter...correct?
  4. I think it's time to see what those "other" people think Thanks for the recommendations guys.
  5. Heh, Todd, two of those three were already listed I'll check out that third pair though, thanks.
  6. Thanks for the help Dusty. I'm currently checking out the Mission M2 and M3's, as well as those nifty looking Scandyna's.
  7. Well, I'm moving to Houston to start my first job on July 1st. This means I'll finally be able to put together a 2.0 setup to use with my TV. I still haven't decided what will drive the speakers, but I'm toying with the ideas of either getting a decent Onkyo receiver from Amazon or getting an inexpensive integrated amp (NAD, Cambridge 640, Baby Sophia etc...) from A'Gon. I have been looking at some speakers, but have no clue which models sound good/bad and which require solid state/tube amps. Basically, this is my first dip into the speaker pool. Currently, I'm looking at the Onix X-LS from www.av123.com, as well as some offerings by Klipsch and Paradigm (Titans?), but I'm open to anything else you guys would recommend within my budget.
  8. Yeah I've heard them, I actually owned them for a few months. I still found them to have the same Grado sound I hate, just not as bad as the 225's. I've never liked any Grados though, so I was being unneccesarily harsh
  9. Haha, that's actually pretty funny. Anyone that would seriously inquire about that deal should be committed. "What? Colored SR225's with cheap wooden parts and a shitty plastic headband for $900? What a deal!"
  10. Billy, I stopped reading your post after this comment. I...I just can't read anything past that. For anyone that might have had trouble doing the math, including you Billy, it's like $.12 per bar.
  11. A girl in my class actually thought that would kill you. I gave her a break though, I think the bleach might have seaped into her brain, killing off a few cells.
  12. Wow, 23K for the version I put together. Not bad...
  13. Finally sportin' a new power conditioner. Next up is the DAC...
  14. Glad you're here Yikes! I also really enjoyed reading your posts, and that farewell message is good stuff I also want to add that it's really fun to pick on Rick. He's not that smart, and sort of reminds me of the type of person that would bash his head off of a wall to get past it, instead of just walking around it. edit: Just wanted to add that it's REALLY fun to get Rick all riled up. Fuckin' A man...fuckin' a...
  15. "maybe i just missed it.. but i did skim over this thread." Lol, another good one...
  16. Nate, for "bangin'" those out, they look pretty damn good... Also, do you have a clear heatshrink over the two channels after they split? (or do I have to clean my monitor...)
  17. Hopefully I can contribute to this thread a bit more in the future. I placed my order this week for the HTS3500 MKII from Buy.com, and it looks like it's going to arrive sometime next week.
  18. Did you at least survive the all-in?
  19. Ahh shit, that was going to be my unique addition to the thread
  20. Yeah, they certainly are better than ears
  21. In a few short weeks I'll have: Monster HTS3500 MKII -> EMU-0404 (modded) / SD-3950 -> Lite DAC-Ah -> Millet Hybrid (STEPS & DB's) -> HD650's (Oehlbach cable) Quite a modest setup, but I've been at it for a few years and I'm finally zero'ing on the sound I really like, with the added flexibility of being able to use CD's or my digital collection for playback.
  22. No one in my family hunts...can you tell?
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