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  1. For breakfast this morning, I made the mother of all PB&J sandwiches. I used three slices of bread, and alternated with layers of peanut butter (Jif Smooth of course) and jelly (Welch's grape). Then, to top it off, I put on a bit of honey on either side of the middle piece of bread. Top it off with a cold glass of 2% milk and you can basically smell the Elmer's Glue you used in 1st Grade...
  2. "Tell me there's a girl outside right now waiting to tounge my balls!" I'm so pumped for this new season. I plan on getting all excited and shooting holes in my walls with a 9mm tonight Also, who can identify the quote?
  3. That brings back memories of quite possibly the best thread at...that other place.
  4. Lol, that brings back some annoying memories from dorm life. A kid on my floor put that on loop and left his room. His speakers were on. Really high. :mikey2:
  5. I believe they both import the materials from China. So, unless the assembly process is different, I'd say there shouldn't be sonic differences.
  6. I'm fairly excited to order the same unit PsychoZX has. I have pretty bad power, and even if it doesn't make much of an improvement, I guess peace of mind is worth $175.
  7. I think you can invite them, the Admins have to approve their applications anyways.
  8. Yeah, and that doesn't really make him a celebrity anyways. It's like those guys who stand in the back during the rap video's. You know they only got on the set because their cousin's friend is 50 Cent's jeweler. I've got a couple records (4x800, DMR, 3000M run) at my University, so I guess that makes me an on-campus celebrity
  9. DeeLeeWeb should get an invite, I think he only posts in the "What are you listening to" thread. Literally too, that's the only thread he posts in, it's amazing.
  10. Shhhh! He's a member here! I think he posts under the name "mjg" though...
  11. Glad you safely made the trek to allied territory:)
  12. Blasphemy! What else could replace a pretzel? Well, maybe more pretzels, but everyone knows that...
  13. mjg or GE, can you guys recommend a product number? I'm not sorting through 100 different cables to find a nice thick one... ...cable that is.
  14. That does look pretty nice, but are you allowed to post manufacturer pictures like that?
  15. Well technically, the same goes with the second option. My vote went to money though.
  16. Oh yeah that's right, those things are sold on Mouser right?
  17. ...have been invited? Or...should be invited?
  18. Thaddy


    Compared to what? You're a Sennheiser guy, right tiberian? Seems like the FOTM is wearing off with these cans...
  19. Edwood, don't forget about the birds nest technique. Sure, it takes more time and wastes toilet paper (if you think that's a waste), but I like to take my time and crap in comfort.
  20. Oh, gotcha... I'm lazy and have never built anything myself though. I'd rather pay for a fully assembled cable
  21. Tiberian: That budget I mentioned includes 2 cables... Tkam: I forgot about those. I remember you mentioning them to me a few times, but I could never remember the name of the site... I'll check it out. Oh, and I'm getting the Lite DAC-Ah.
  22. Nothing is better than walking to the back of an airplane and crop dusting about 15 rows of seats. I did it this weekend with excellent results
  23. How so? I've always been fairly wishy-washy when it comes to cables. But, I figure that since I'll have the money, I'll get some decent well-built cables that don't cost an arm and a leg.
  24. Happy belated birthday! I hope there weren't any more burning couches at CMU.
  25. I have a thin frame, but I like to have some breathing room in the front. I went for oval
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