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  1. And which ones do you plan on attending in the future? Myself, I never found time to go to a lot of concerts, but I'm hoping to change that now that I've got time and money. Before I moved to Houston though, I was lucky enough to see Pearl Jam on my last night in the 'Burgh Eddie was really feeling the crowd, and went through 2 bottles of wine and played for about 2 and a half hours. September 11th I finally get to see Tool
  2. This is sort of along the same lines as this thread, but have you guys found anyone whose opinions you hold highly? I know that tkam and myself have similar tastes, and listening to gear with him has proven that we have similar ears as well (we noticed the same differences). Along with him, I've found that my opinions fall very close to those crazy bastards in New Hampshire, Nate and Ian
  3. I like to consider the source as well. If this is coming from a person who's only heard the SR-60's and the O2's, then it's a quite unvalid statement. There are also tons of other factors that come into play as well, and a lot focus around equipment selection. I think it's pretty easy to spot the dumbass and the well-informed poster.
  4. I'll bet if Mikhail would add wings and a propellor to his amps, he's get more sales.
  5. God I wish just once someone would call him out on this fucking scam. It won't be me, as I have 0 technical knowledge on how those things work Plus I'm afraid of his mustache...
  6. You guys are selling your E4's? Gimme a PM if you are!
  7. Yeah those were pretty much my impressions of them as well. Plus, they can be annoying to wear because of the non over-the-ear design and the terrible microphonics.
  8. There was a problem with the amp. I think it's funny how Ray is charging $200 for the "upgraded" power supply.
  9. To get myself acquainted with Houston, I'm reading: And for kicks: And for the future:
  10. Nate, if I were you I wouldn't want to be associated with Ian's work and those horrid headphones.
  11. That's mahogany? Geez, some people have no respect! ( )
  12. Ok, that is definitely not safe for work.
  13. I like Signalcable cables, but this is too funny. I guess you can't blame Frank for trying to cash in on the stupidity of others.
  14. It makes me happy when I see videos like this, since I know the process of natural selection will eventually weed these douchebags out.
  15. Yeah, or the fact that Merck isn't doing so hot right now. From what I understand, they're on the brink of a collapse due to all these lawsuits from Vioxx. That will affect the economy much more than a missing 18 year old.
  16. I guess that means natalie Holloway will be found in 2015. A pretty white girl from an upper class neighborhood coming home drunk at 2 in the morning. Doesn't sound like an easy target to me... I'm with you Yikes, the attention isn't necessary at all.
  17. Why didn't they just called it the iDildo?
  18. You'll like it KenW. I've been using it since it was a Beta. I can remember people actually selling their Gmail invites on Ebay...
  19. I said it once and I'll say it again... You lucky bastard!
  20. Well the amp isn't really balanced, as it takes single-ended inputs. I still get those GS-X pipe dreams though...but for now I'm staying single-ended as well. I'm just too attached to the Millet Mark what conductor are you going to have him use? I've never heard RS-1's but I'd very much like to own a pair in the future to see what they're all about.
  21. D02A + Cardas 650 cable + balanced Enigma 650 cable + balanced TPA6120-based amp in the works... :'( Eh, it's ok, it's all worth it. I'd never put it all on credit and I've still got plenty of dough to pay the rent, stock the fridge, and fill the tank I guess that's a major benefit of being single in a city that's very cheap to live.
  22. Pay off debt so you can get right back into it from the PS-1's The new job is great. I'm also working for a company that develops software, but we're in the energy and natural gas markets (are there any other markets in Houston?). Our applications manage bids, nominations, and calculate future settlements. From what I've seen, we save the ISO's quite a bit of money This Bud's for you...
  23. Congratulations Mark! I've been at my new job for about a month now and it's certainly a good feeling. I hope you've got some nice upgrades planned to celebrate...
  24. Anyone ever watch the Chad Vader episodes? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mFBUil8-Z0 Haha, oh man my friend just uploaded a video we made my sophomore year...
  25. Experiencing sexual tension?
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