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  1. mazel tov bro, best of luck
  2. I may be a jackass, but not the arrogant variety.
  3. You act like I need a reason in this thread to feel that way? I just put a down payment on a co op btw, and I can afford my own beer.
  4. Grawk, Oh believe me, i get what your saying, but I still think your a jackass and only jumped in to say something at my expense. Your arrogant enough to think your opinion mattered, so I just threw in the eagles comment since you're probably too stupid to realize they have a big rivalry with the giants as well, and they are some of the most angry sports fans on earth. That was regarding your no one cares outside of NY comment. Everyone cared, and the patriots had a perfect season on the line. Yet according to you no ones cares... en480c4 I respect the patriots, and I am a jets fan btw. I'm not angry about any rivalary, but I think it's fun regardless. The drama adds to all of this and I think makes it fun. I have no anger towards patriots fans or anything, I sat opening day and watched them crush the jets in person, I still had fun. No one is acting like a child unless they actually get upset or act out on this kinds of stuff. I was at a mets phillies game and stood watching fans brawling left and right, phillies fans came in acting like they owned the place and it was total mayhem. They were even chanting about the eagles in the bathroom, it was kind of funny at first then shit got out of hand and security was hawling off on people were getting hurt. Most disgraceful thing I ever saw... Anyway Say what you want about the Giants offense, but I think Eli did a great job. Football games aren't all about offense, but the patriots had the best in the league for sure. The giants keeping them off the board is an accomplishment, and a landslide either way to me is a boring game because that means the defense isn't doing their job. Patriots had a few good drives so I don't get why your saying he did nothing...
  5. True, I guess your not the only guy in that area that gets angry about the superbowl, especially when the Eagles aren't in it. You caught the superbowl on tv by any chance? There are actually giants fans, and patriots fans that go to the super bowl in arizona. Go figure?
  6. The rest of the world? You mean alaska right? I'll take your word on it, since no one gives a shit about the superbowl where your from and that qualifies you to an opinion on this topic.
  7. the patriots got lucky a few times throughout the season, yet they had a perfect record until the superbowl. That's what people talked about when they considered them a 2 digit favorite for the big game. A win is a win... No one talks about, or complains about the quality of a win, they just recognize it as such. The quality of play was fine, Eli played well enough to win, and the giants defense enabed him. Tom Brady doesn't look so amazing when he is getting sacked all over the place does he??? Yet he is still Tom Brady, big deal. I'd take eli over him any day if he got the job done. The giants didn't have even have all their best players out there, where was jeramy shockey? Doesn't mean anything, job was done . The under dogs came, they listened to all the bullshit people had to say, and they answered back with a win. They remained humble too, not so much to say from people like Tom Brady refusing to shake eli's hand, or the boston media already printing and, and selling their success story like it was in the books 2 weeks ago. The patriots deserve every bit of this rubbed in their face, I hope those apples taste good haha.
  8. so what's your excuse??? AHAHAH GIANTS WON. fuck tom brady!! great game, congrats giants!@!
  9. patriots will be favored by at least 2 touch downs. The patriots are so good, and won every game, but are they as good as everyone thinks they are? If the giants won the super bowl, imagine the look on belliceks face, and imagine how stupid tiki barber will feel for quitting and talking so much trash about manning and coughlin. This really is going to be an awesome super bowl.
  10. Believe it, the Giants can take it all the way, defeated all the odds, and have an honest chance of taking down the "perfect team". Every time the Giants are supposed to lose, they won... They suck, had a spineless quarterback, and are a "dirty team" according to some packers players? Will the media still be talking all this trash about the giants tommorow morning? I'm loving it... As a Jets fan, i'm really pulling to see the Giants clean up the Patriots, and this has probably got to be an awesome battle of a superbowl. I'm psyched.
  11. listened to mine all day at work, and irght now actually... i can dig get used to the conveniance of having a badass little setup at work. Waay nicer then my ipod . It' wasn't cheap, but you get so much for what u pay for, the dac in this hting is really awesome.
  12. mjg

    fucking crap

    it sounds like your fault. Why would you live in alaksa? that's crazy.
  13. im a fanboy of dusty chawk's mom... she was so hot back in the day.
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