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  1. Thanks for tempting me Must resist
  2. I dont care about the ipod stigma the imod is damned good it isnt a wadia but is spanks all the players I have here and is on par with a home player that is much more expensive. Of course this is on my Stax systems YMMV of course. Will be getting a good listen to the Saturn here soon.
  3. Hi guys I opened my 313 to see what was needed and as you know there are two sets of RCA inputs but one is supposed to be a "Tape out" They are paralleled and have two little resistors between the connectors. What are these for? can anyone post a pic if they rewired to better chasis mount RCA inputs? Thanks
  4. stick it in and twist it.....twwiiiiissstt iiiiiiiiitttttttt.
  5. No I got ahead of myself. Here is a Quote from Les Paul: When I(EveAnna) met Les Paul a few years ago at the TEC Awards, I asked him if he knew my Dad. "Why yes, of course!" Les replied, "He bought Ampeg from Everett Hull in my living room!"
  6. I havent been very lucky with optical for some reason
  7. hehe Im not so sure you can classify this one like that but I could be wrong Anyway she has been an audio "All Pro" since pratically day one with her father who started Ampeg and her going to Columbia and then studying under the original VTL Labs guys before launching Manley with a slew of innovations and classics in the pro and hifi world condenser tube mics and so on So when she does something like this others are watching very closely. To this day their Reference Dac is considered by many to be the best ever and a 10 year old DAC still commands 5K+ (which the chipsets are irreplaceable if
  8. Wow that is deeper than most realize, is that some Kant or an original Chalkism? Bravo either way and good point.
  9. Your right Manley never Had any balls to begin with http://www.manleylabs.com/bioeveanna.html
  10. One person got it right I see. Manley feels the iPod is "Toy" enough to include integrated docks right into their most HiFi designs. This is on display at CES right now along with a Mahi dual mono in a single chasis with integrated dock. Interesting to see what other manf. are sourcing with portables at the show. Not saying I agree with it but in all reality we soon might have docks in many of our boutique High end components. If we choose to use them or not.. well thats another story. Ben Gramain I define portable in this case as using a portable device not as straping on a manley. The qu
  11. better start coming around For the times they are a-changin'
  12. dcfis

    Great Audio Buys

    Sloth do you think the newer quads are worth the premuim over the 988/989? I havent heard the new one but Quads are right up my alley in all that Ive ever heard, they never dissappoint.
  13. Agreed Patricia Barber is always on heavy rotation with me and the MoFi stuff is exceptional. Now if only Diana Krall would have this kinda mix and release Id be in heaven.
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