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  1. A technical question from the technically ignorant - The article states: "If you have ever looked at a spec sheet for a decent quality amplifier, you probably noticed that the power output of an amplifier is higher when the load impedance (number of ohms) is lower. Important: a load with a low number of ohms is a more difficult load than one with a higher number of ohms! That is, a 4 ohm speaker is harder for an amplifier to drive than an 8 ohm speaker." My question relates to the impedance ratings of headphones. The 300 ohm Sennheiser is harder to drive than the 32 ohm Grado, correct? This is the opposite to what is stated in the article about speaker loads. Can someone explain?
  2. just finished - Pol Pot: Anatomy Of A Nightmare, by Philip Short just started - Dark Voyage, by Alan Furst
  3. Clowns are indeed the stuff of nightmares.
  4. I do think that headamp products are well designed and built. I will ask you whether it's possible that the members' opinions here are shaded by personal like or dislike of particular MOTs. I was just trying to poke fun at the pretension that head-case is a paragon of objective audio criticism, free of fanboyism. That being said, it's much better than the alternative.
  5. I said unlikely, not unable. Besides, the criticism you cite is pretty mild compared to the rhetoric used here with other products.
  6. You are unlikely to hear criticism of a Headamp product on this forum.
  7. Steamed BBQ pork buns, sesame and almond cookies, and bean-paste cakes from the Chiu Quon Bakery on Argyle Street.
  8. Jesus, Billy sure has managed to piss of a lot of people on this forum.
  9. Billy Since I know you're in Chicago, I'm going to say the source is Mike North on WSCR (670 on your a.m. dial), whose morning sports talk show is very popular in Chi-Town. Every day he gives out a "jagbag of the day". I never heard the term before listening to his show. BTW - this is the same Mike North who got in trouble for referring to (Japanese) pitcher Hideo Nomo as a "fireballin' chinaman", and for asking why the local CBS anchor (whose name I forget, but who is of Cuban descent) does not wear a sombrero while doing the news, so the audience knows he's hispanic. If you have not guessed, I think Mike North is kind of a jagbag.
  10. This is the amp Mister X builds, correct? Are there any other builders out there who sell assembled M3 amps? I am definitely not a DIY guy.
  11. Good point. But I listen to my iPod in primarily stationary settings. I need "portable" in the sense of "transportable" (room to room and home to office). But the main reason I am considering it is: 1. I already own a 4G iPod; 2. I already have an amp (albeit the apparently craptacular PA2V2); 3. my iPod will be my primary source for the forseeable future; and 4. if $200 can get me a high quality digital source, then why not? I really want to know if there are any iMod owners who are unhappy with their purchase. Could they not tell the difference between the modded and unmodded units? Any durability problems? Did they regret voiding their Apple warranty?
  12. That seems like great advice. I am simply thinking ahead (in case 1st quarter business is good and I have some extra cash ) But I am still looking for an answer to my original question. Some of the posts I read today make me question the value of any portable amp. Am I over-reading the negative comments about portable amps (and portable audio in general)?
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