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  1. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. nsfw and horrifyingly beautiful
  2. I'll grab this. Last dark ambient record I got was the Lustmord / Melvins one, good stuff. Any Cold Meat or Aural Hypnox fans here?
  3. anybody have a link to that one dancing / celebrating emoticon from the simplemachines forum? i'd drill it.
  4. I'm not trying to, and never did.
  5. In order to establish rapport in an internet clique, a common technique is to "lurk more," or observe the goings-on in a forum to learn the ropes.
  6. I tried this. They kicked me out of the hospital and he cried. Harder next time?
  7. what did i do. edit: by "dealing with" i mean helping them while having an episode / preventing future episodes.
  8. Anyone here have any experience / advice? I have already read a lot of literature on the subject -- both on and offline -- but it always means more coming from anonymous internet strangers.
  9. Thelonious Monk

    Diablo 3

    I can't find Diablo II or Lord of Destruction anywhere. Must have lost them when I moved. It looks like they replaced necromancer with witch-doctor. Hope witch-doctor can still summon a shit-ton of skeletons.
  10. Actually, you're right, it's not nitpicking. Sort of like "rap" versus "hip-hop." This is a jazz topic though, I think we're veering a bit off course. "Neoclassical" might be an accurate descriptor for that kind of thing. Not in the Yngwie (please, not in the Yngwie sense ) or Dead Can Dance sense, of course.
  11. I know that. Most people use the term "classical" to refer to orchestral erudite/art music from any time period. Myself included. I prefer it because the line between "art" and "popular" music is often blurred. And more people will know what I'm talking about. And I don't want to say "serialism and new complexity and minimalism and impressionism and blaaaaaaaagh blagh blagh," because saying "20th century classical music" is easier. I can understand why you'd nitpick about stuff like that, though.
  12. Assorted Thomas Mann stories, The Gambler by Dostoevsky.
  13. 20th century classical, I meant. edit: Most of it, at least. There's plenty of 20th century classical composers that composed "emotional" music.
  14. Agreed. However, some music doesn't really have much obvious emotional content, but I love due to its ability to stir subconscious "feelings." Cerebral music, I guess. I'm thinking Herbie Hancock - Sextant, lots of modern classical, etc. Sort of hard to describe the intangible things you experience when listening to music, especially abstract music. Which is why we should let the music do the talking. Icarium, maybe you'd like Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady. It's the album that got me interested in jazz again. Mingus is more accessible to fans of more "active" music, like rock and its child genres. Probably because it's both riotous (when appropriate) and meticulously crafted (always), and flirts with the blues and gospel music that inspired those genres. (If I've mis-assessed your tastes, I apologize.) Meanwhile, albums like Kind of Blue and A Love Supreme -- common "starter jazz" albums -- are less active and more... moody. Sort of foreign to those coming from a rock background.
  15. May his soul be flung onto a roof and stay there for eternity.
  16. If you're more into bop, I recommend his album with Booker Little, Far Cry, as a starting point. If you're into more avant-garde jazz, Out to Lunch is his magnum opus. IMO it wasn't until Out to Lunch that his compositional talent really made itself apparent, but he was a master of the alto saxophone, flute and (bass) clarinet for years before that. Coltrane referred to him as "his only musical equal." He may be an even better sax player. If you want to judge for yourself, they play together on The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Sessions, and it is magic.
  17. I don't understand how any of those comments are condescending. If I came off that way, I apologize. Thanks for taking a big steamy shit all over my honest thread, though, guys! Good form.
  18. Thanks for the unprovoked personal attack!
  19. @[email protected] I'm not gonna list every single Eric Dolphy album I've heard, that'd be silly. You guys take things too literally.
  20. That was sort of beside the point. It's just a topic dedicated to a great musician, and I thought his birthday would be a good day to post it. Then again, he was a demi-god, therefore would have lived forever. His only weakness was diabetes.
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