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  1. I posted a link on reddit. Hopefully awareness of this crime helps solve it. I know reddit played a role in catching the thieves that ripped off TTVJ Audio. Let's hope for the best! edit: I also shared this on Facebook. If anyone else has any ideas on how to spread the word, please let me know.
  2. FWIW, If the HD800 was my only headphone, I would be more than happy with the BD.
  3. If you decide not to buy the L-2 please let me know. I am definitely interested.
  4. Since the DSHA-1 and L-2 are very limited and in demand, I think you can expect to pay close to original MSRP or higher if you can find them. If they are on the same level as my Black Diamond, I would say they are worth it. Then again, you might just try the Black Diamond. It is one of the best amps I have heard regardless of price. Certain amps have their niche, but I have to say the Black Diamond is the most universal amp I have been able to listen to. It sounds great with my HD800's, HE-500's, HE-560's, and the AKG K812's. I also own RS1's, PS1000's, and T1's, but I don't like those cans as well. To people who prefer the sound sigs of the latter cans, it might be a good match for them as well. I just don't really care for them, so I haven't tried them with the Black Diamond.
  5. I hope these help: http://www.likelyanswers.com/15368186/For-Sale-%09%09Ecp-Dsha-1-Amp Notice the crossed out prices on the latter thread are the original MSRP's.
  6. Sorry to hear that Brigir. I hope you find a solution someday. Well, accidentally click on the link above, then accidentally fill out the order form, accidentally put in your credit card info, and voila you have officially ordered one by accident. I've only done it the one time, but Spritzer is quite experienced at it. He may be able to explain the finer points in more detail.
  7. Oops I accidentally bought a Black Diamond. I was reading up on the L-2 and DSHA-1 and saw that Brigir bought an L-2 "by accident." First Spritzer, now me, WTF? This could definitely become a problem with the ECP Audio products. Hopefully this post alerts enough people so we can address and fix this problem.
  8. ECP Audio Black Diamond preorder: https://squareup.com/market/ecp-consolidated-productions-llc
  9. That's awesome! I remember watching All-Star Wrestling with my 80 something year old grandfather every Saturday. And every Saturday ended the same way with my grandfather screaming at the tv. "It's fake!!! Where's the blood???" Then when next Saturday rolled around we'd be sitting in front of the tv doing it all over again. Good times.
  10. I have to ask Doug, who is that on your avatar? It looks like an All-Star Wrestler from the 70's.
  11. Any word on the release date of the BD?
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