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  1. Maybe this makes me not a real R.E.M. fan, but I think this is their best album. By a wide margin.
  2. Neat list. He missed the Contura. I got to play with one of these for a bit.
  3. dsavitsk

    Speaker Porn

    The TV is 4:3. I think the picture is from around 2003.
  4. Power is not measured in volts.
  5. Probably. We have not found the T4 to be great with most planars.
  6. The T4 and the 3F do share similarities in the topology of the output stage, but the implementation is very different. The T4 is high voltage, low current with a step down transformer (and a DC blocking capacitor) while the 3F is high current, low voltage and is DC coupled. (The 3 - as opposed to the 3F - uses an output transformer, but no DC blocking cap.) The T4 has a single ended input with a tube LTP stage for gain and splitting. The 3F has an input transformer for gain and splitting. 3F is generally the better Focal option, but it is for balanced phones only.
  7. Happy Birthdays to Adam and Asante!
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