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  1. Watch Live: NASA's DART mission on course to hit asteroid "head-on" | CBS News
  2. https://www.lie-nielsen.com/nodes/4139/dowel-plates
  3. The book is truly terrible. But I think the show still stands up against anything peak TV can throw at it. In particular, shows like the sopranos, g.o.t., breaking bad etc. all seem to say that when circumstances are trying, people become selfish and cruel. MASH otoh shows people in the most desperate of circumstances doing just the opposite.
  4. I think grizzly and shopfox are the same machines. Shopfox has a better warranty and local support and thus a higher price
  5. Agree. Helical heads are nice, but not necessary. People jointed boards for a long time without them. The shopfox is 2x the hp, has more knives, and has some other features that might be worth having. Either should be great. I think the simplicity belies the amount of consideration and thought that went into it. We went through a lot of design ideas before coming to this. Minimalism is harder than maximlism.
  6. I make no claims regarding how the IRS might feel about this plan.
  7. Also, if your state is anything like my state, you have to pay a yearly property tax on all the equipment which cuts heavily against any savings. On the other hand, if you own an LLC, you can use it to buy an extra $10K in I Bonds which will pay you an extra risk free $962 this year to offset those taxes.
  8. You own sandpaper. Get the Lodge
  9. In reality I think I'd glue it as is. Then add a spline/dowel/screw/etc for strength if necessary.
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