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  1. dsavitsk

    Podcast Thread

    I am finding season 2 to be unlistenable.
  2. Only thing I have to add is that I got to play around with a Contura once. Most beautiful camera I ever saw. https://www.photrio.com/forum/threads/just-bought-my-“grail”-camera-contura-stereo-camera.170807/
  3. dsavitsk

    Podcast Thread

    Listening to this two years later. It's quite good. And who knew it is antivenin, not antivenom?
  4. I think the Muffits image better.
  5. Lenovo has some Thinkpad workstation laptops that will work well that are in stock. I just got this one for Fusion360: https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/p/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpadp/thinkpad-p1-gen-4/20y3004hus
  6. Does anyone have a suggestion for good software (free or otherwise) for cloning a more than half empty 1T windows drive to a smaller (512GM) drive, including the boot stuff, recovery partition, etc?
  7. 4x4's should be pretty stable. Softwood doesn't move any more than hardwood. But if it is a concern, you can build your own stable 4x4's from 2x12's using this trick:
  8. Wood doesn't appreciably move lengthwise, so you can minimize the effect from wood movement by constructing accordingly.
  9. Is Putin Sick – Or Are We Meant to Think He Is? An oligarch close to the Kremlin was recorded on a tape saying the president is ‘very ill with blood cancer.’ Is this true, idle speculation or disinformation designed to make an erratic and paranoid dictator vulnerable? https://newlinesmag.com/reportage/is-putin-sick-or-are-we-meant-to-think-he-is/
  10. We have a cat named Jellybean It's also the name of Craig's cat on Malcolm in the Middle. and Marshmallow is the name of Dewey's dog
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