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  1. @Voltron Sadly, no. Both would have been played to death anyway. There was this one day that must have been in 1981 where my brother and I took something like $20 we'd saved up, went to Kmart, and spent it all on 7 inches. I don't remember most of the rest, but those two stand out.
  2. I bought this 7" at Kmart when I was 7 years old. (I believe I bought the Theme from the Greatest American Hero the same day)
  3. Goncalo Alves or possibly bocote would be my guess. If it feels exceptionally heavy and dense, then maybe granadillo or cocobolo.
  4. Of that's koa, you won the lottery.
  5. Happy Birthday!
  6. Single 1/4" kerf dado. https://www.infinitytools.com/8-flat-top-dado-saw-blades Or https://www.boschtools.com/us/en/boschtools-ocs/router-tables-ra1141-201859-p/
  7. I don't even really like saxophones very much (sorry @MexicanDragon), and I think the first three notes of this song are one of the greatest sounds ever recorded. I could listen to them over and over again -- fortunately the song allows just that. The original lacks the same intense energy, but probably has a better groove
  8. Seems like one of these cordless tool companies should come up with a way to flip their circular saw upside down and use it as a table saw.
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