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  1. I made the shortcrust with Calvados instead of water which turns out to be a very good thing to do.
  2. Apple galettes and a Sicilian style pizza that tastes better than it looks
  3. What are you planning to use to hang them?
  4. I've tried every shortcut to making bb drawers, from pocket holes to dominos to biscuits. In the end, I found that an actual joint was both faster and more accurate than any of them. And more satisfying. And probably stronger.
  5. A broken clock is still correct twice a day 🙂 Really, if you did the initial alignment with a good square, there's no reason you wouldn't get it right on the first shot.
  6. Probably in stock, and I think they are working to keep the core tools in stock. They have a phone and are good about answering it. https://www.lie-nielsen.com/pages/tool-availability-covid-19 Those are both great planes. I use mine all the time. I'd recommend the hotdog to go with the 62. Also the honing guide
  7. Happy Birthday, Steve!
  8. Indeed. I suspect Sennheiser was aware of its own financial position before authorizing the drop models. They probably had been neither manufacturing nor selling many of those models for years.
  9. I'm the opposite - with power tools*, I prefer to take the work to the tool whenever possible. But Nate is correct that downward pressure (and a very flat work piece) are necessary, as are the necessary safety precautions. I don't think either is correct, just what you are comfortable with, and what your tools will allow. * really, you should probably use a plow plane for this ...
  10. You'd still probably align them the same way. Put them in the slots, put some double sided tape on them, set the sled on top, flip it over and drill pilot holes through the threaded inserts, or just trace around the rail to find its position. If they are sufficiently slop free, they shouldn't need to be very long. I've used the incra version. They are fine, but I usually just end up using wood rails instead. That said, I have never built a forever sled. I build sleds as needed for particular projects, so I don't care if the rails swell in 6 months as it will be in the trash by then.
  11. Even if Cardas paid me to use theirs, I'd use a $1.25 part from Mouser instead.
  12. 4 or 5 hours should be fine. For glue to trip the saw, it needs to create a path to ground. Merely encountering even wet glue in a joint won't cause a trigger. Similarly, hitting a nail won't cause it to trip unless the nail is also touching something else (the table top, you, a metal fence, etc.) It's why wet wood can cause a trigger as the wetness connects the blade to the table top. There is a test feature so you can see if something will cause it to trip before turning it on.
  13. Delrin definitely lasers better. Danger is that it burns with an invisible flame, so if it catches you don't know until it's gone. Blank pcb material is another option
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