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  1. The Headcase Stax thread

    You'd have to flip it pretty high if you're paying US$11K/22K for the phones & driver
  2. The Headcase Stax thread

    The T2 on Yahoo JP the other day sold for nearly US$22K
  3. The Headcase Stax thread

    About a year ago, I think, they seemed to be going for around US$5-6K
  4. The Headcase Stax thread

    Last two Omegas to sell on Yahoo Auction JP both within the last month sold for over US$11,000--
  5. SRL300 Limited

    Delivery is slowed in Japan as well, but one set arrived from Fujiya-avic other day. Another on order here is delayed till later in March.
  6. SRL300 Limited

    Curious to know your thoughts on specs & any expectations. 404LE was my first set, so have a soft spot for these LEs.
  7. SRL300 Limited

    STAX SRL300 Limited, 80th Anniversary http://www.stax.co.jp/produ.html
  8. The Headcase Stax thread

    Thank you Arnaud, for the elegant translation, which is largely accurate, including the innuendo and hesitation common to the Japanese idiom. In reading the original Japanese, the only thing that STAX says with certainty is that a new amp is forthcoming, hopefully on sale by next summer. They are "developing" a DAC function in the driver, but again, nothing certain. The 2018 anniversary is simply a provocation, with no commitment beyond the wish to do something commemorative-- Comments on the 4070 were particularly frank, seems they'd abandoned them even before finishing production.
  9. The Headcase Stax thread

    For this crowd, and since you've recently put MSB through the ringer, any thoughts, brutal or otherwise on the TotalDAC line? Have been considering one for some time, and Arnaud's just put his up, but thought I'd check with the evisceration squad first--
  10. The Headcase Stax thread

    The ear pads on my set look relatively new, so they may not be original. Best to refurbish regardless?
  11. The Headcase Stax thread

    Thank you Spritzer. A big difference in sound between the earlier and later versions? To me the SR-1 sounds like a more primitive version of but very similar to the SR-3.
  12. The Headcase Stax thread

    Thank you for this information, what features signal the particular version?
  13. The Headcase Stax thread

    Thank you Spritzer, I am also amazed by how well they hold up, and how good they sound, in spite of everything. Haven't seen too many available, so was happy to have this chance to hear them. Will post photos soon.
  14. The Headcase Stax thread

    Just picked up a set of SR-1s and was curious to know what the experts think of them. To me, they sound as I expected, not as developed as more modern STAX but remarkable nonetheless. Wanted to post pictures but am limited on my account.