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  1. Is it April 1st already? Does that mean the vaccine is ready? 😀😛
  2. I just revived the thread on HF since HiFiMAN hasn't replied in over a year. Let's see what they do now that the thread is back at the top of the "Sponsor Announcements and Deals" section
  3. Ha! Maybe all that hoarding is driving you crazy What other earspeakers do you have? Any chance you could give us your brief impressions and how the L700 mk1/mk2 compare to them? I also see that you have the KGSShv in addition to the 353X. Do you think it makes a huge difference for the L700, or not so much in comparison to something like the 007/009? I currently have a 323S (unbalanced version of the 353X) and wouldn't like to spend more than the price of my headphones on a more powerful amp, but people whisper such tempting things in your ear online... I'm also very curious a
  4. Oh! So you think the Mk I are better? BTW what did you mean when you said the Mk II sound "sharper"? Thanks
  5. Interesting. What do you mean when you say the Mk II is "sharper"? How come you're keeping both? Thanks!
  6. What's the final word on the L700 MK2? Are they sonically different/better than the L700, or just the same earspeakers with better materials? The Minidisc video review says there can be minor differences due to a higher clamping pressure, but other than that there are very few comparisons online. I might get a chance to buy an MK2 and sell my MK1, but I'd like to know if it's worth the hassle. Thanks
  7. That's pretty scary. Why doesn't STAX release a dark version of the dust cover? I thought I was fully protecting my L700 with the official transparent cover, but I guess I'm going to have to throw a dark t-shirt over them or something 😅
  8. I didn't know that, thanks for the explanation. I'll lurk here and post somewhere else.
  9. Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate your patience with my questions as this forum doesn't seem to be very beginner-friendly (e.g., https://www.head-case.org/forums/topic/11746-stax-srm-006t-plus-kimik-or-new-srm-323s/). As you mentioned, the T1 is very old, and I'd rather not have to mess with recapping and such. I did find a used SRM-006T for €675, which sounds tempting, but after reading about the dangers of electrocution while rebiasing tube amps, etc. I think I better stick with solid state ':D I'll probably go for a ~ €450 bid on a used SRM-323S auction that ends today. O
  10. Unfortunately, the SRM-600 Limited that I was considering already got sold. It's interesting that don't find the SRM-353X appropriate, since it's often recommended (though very expensive). What about the cheaper SRM-323S? Is it really just an SRM-353X with unbalanced inputs (soundwise)? Thanks
  11. I have neither the money nor the skills to build a Carbon. That is why I am asking for advice to choose among the SRM-323S, SRM-353X, and SRM-600 Limited (or some other reasonable option I haven't considered).
  12. I'd rather buy a STAX amp for my SR-L700, but thanks for your suggestion.
  13. Wow, I'm still trying to wrap my head around all of this. Right now I'm assuming that the SRM-252S won't do justice to the SR-L700, so I'm considering the following: 1) SRM-323S (would hope to win an auction that ends tomorrow for at most 450 euros) 2) SRM-353X (could get a demo model for 800 euros) 3) SRM-600 Limited (a friend is asking his friend if he can sell it to me for a good price... no idea yet) If you were in my place, what would you do? Thanks
  14. Where could I find some advice on the STAX hierachy of amps? I'm looking for amps for an L700 and considering used SRM-1 Mk2, SRM-3, SRM-323S, SRM-252S...
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